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Our Sweet Molly Puss. Larger.

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Julian had been mowing the lawn in his old work clothes and came to sit down so Molly jumped up onto the arm of the chair. and posed so nicely for a photo. This pic was taken quite a while ago as we in drought now and have no lawn to cut!

For those of you who don't know the story of our Molly, she turned up at our house years back, filthy, starving and on heat. We had three other cats then but of course we took her in. She is the last one now.

We found out that her owners kept one cat and moved away, leaving Molly behind. How could you do that!! She was quite nasty when we first got her, but has mellowed now that she is secure. She now rules the house.
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Marina she is a pretty little cat. Yes people do that here too, get little animals then dump them. These people had Molly and her sister and chose to keep just one, packed up the house and left Molly. SO cruel. Good for you for taking all those cats in. Thanks and hugs to you ♥♥


She is speedy Nev, hugs. ♥♥♥


She is so pretty! It's good that you took her in no matter what. Here in Greece people get baby animals because they are cute and dump them when they grow up, or leave them behind. It is very common. I am like you, Janet, I take them in. So far I had 2 Abyssinians, 3 black ones, 1 Norwegian forest cat ( a real beauty) and now a Turkish Van cat (pure white).


She doesn't really like the camera in her face, thanks and hugs Diane.


What a sweetie, but she looks a little anxious! x

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