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Mother's Day Planter

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From my 3 children.
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I was taught it by my father, who treated his records as precious gems--he actually would make tape recordings of each record, and listen to those most of the time, rather than to the records, so that he could preserve the records!
I'm glad that your mother is doing so well. I lost my father when he was just 71--and I'll be 71 in 3 doesn't seem possible....
Thanks for commenting!


Hey suemarie, I read your coment about stacking records and I know this. My mother inspected records on a conveyer belt for many years and retired after Sony bought the company out. She is in her 80's and still going strong.



Lovely flowers! :))

Suemarie - It's unfortunate that someone had to b---h about something that was pretty mundane. As I posted, the puzzle you referred to could betaken by either side as referring to the other. Interesting that I have not seen political puzzles from the other side as well. It's interesting that the far right took this puzzle as an insult while it could also be seen as picking on the left.

I do miss your puzzles but for those who still want to see political puzzles you can go to


I've had this in my bookmarks too long! And today was its day. It's a lovely gift from your kids, suemarie. I like how they mixed up the textures, colours and shapes of the foliage and flowers. Thanks. And I hope that, despite the shenanigans, you had a lovely Mother's Day. (❛ᴗ❛)


Okay, we crossed. No, you don't have to delete anything. I just don't want this puzzle to be a replacement for ground zero.


The last message from TPTB mentioned how much time they are wasting refereeing these battles--I'm not going to demand a further clarification. I've had enough--no matter what your side claims, I thought that cartoon would be laughed at by both sides, since both sides have posted many political cartoons about Trump. But it didn't turn out that way, and I'm sick of the fight. That's it.


I am not going to get into a discussion of it, especially not a debate about Paddy being the cause, when I had half a dozen others repeatedly attacking me there. And I'm especially not getting into it on this puzzle--I want this puzzle to stay up. Let it go, everyone, please. No one can possibly claim that THIS puzzle is provoking you.


Yes, they did.....I really don't know what they thought they'd gain this way, aside from making me lose a puzzle, but one that THEY couldn't stay away from....


Referring to your other puzzle - yes the fascists got their way. The funny thing is that without your puzzles they have nowhere to vent their anger, so they effectively shit in their own back yard.


Thanks, Francine! I asked my daughter, who placed the order by phone (all 3 of my kids live out of state), what she asked for, and she said she told them to make it with partial shade plants (our yard is full of huge trees), and to make sure it had some purple in it. Other than that, they had free reign. Someone there is an artist!


What a beautiful gift. Wonderful that you'll be able to enjoy them till fall.


I'm assuming that someone reported my Great Day For All puzzle, because it disappeared. Nice work.....


Thank you! :-)))


nice one Suemarie...


Thanks so much, Rita and Ardy--this is the second year that they asked the florist for a big planter full of different plants, and I love the idea, because they last right through the fall, unlike a bouquet (which I still love to get anyway! LOL!--can't get too many flowers......). :-)))


Beautiful, Suemarie. Happy Mother's Day.


It's real, Suemarie
Fortunately, three children! I only have two, but they are also done at one time!

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