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Mango & Papaya holding hands #1 - 2021/02

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Mango & Papaya are littermates, now about 9 years old, with very different temperaments but closely bonded to each other. We got them from the same foster home Ebony came from when they were just emerging from kittenhood.
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these cats remind me of my 2 gingers


I believe my friend Sally's kitties will grow up to be quite similar to this lovely pair.


SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@CatloverJudy And I love the names of your orange quartet. And many thanks to both you and WyeWatcher for some great photos of interesting cats.

My partner sends photos to me in several different ways. Once they're on the hard drive of my desktop computer, posting them on Jigidi is a breeze. But I still haven't learned how to take photos with my newish smartphone and then move them to my computer. In fact, I haven't learned how to do very much with that smartphone. When I was younger, I was an early adopter and a fast learner. In my old age I've really slowed down, and my brain is already full before I try to learn something new. But I do plan to learn--next year after I finish some high priority tasks.

I love their names! I always try to match names with the color or personality of each cat we come across. For instance, Cheddar, Cheeto, Rusty, and Butterscotch are all (you guessed it) orange. I am encouraging WyeWatcher to post more pics, since I don't know how. I can only fit around 100 pcs on my screen, so I like the smaller ones.


Such a sweet picture! Thanks for posting, Patsy.

Such gorgeous cats!!


I had no idea they lived such adventurous lives!

Thank you, Bird. Ginger is alternating between the shady catio and a front window in the sun. The other three cats, who like to go to the cat run in the back yard, are very happy now. The ramp from the back deck is clear of snow, and the tunnel to the cat run has some bare spots and the snow isn't too deep. They can get to the bench in the cat run. But they don't seem to mind standing in the snow beside the bench. And they've already brought inside a dead vole to play with.

Hoping you and your paw-family are doing great now and enjoying signs of spring.


Hope your entire paw-family is doing great! Mila


Awe!! What a beautiful picture!! They are so handsome!

I too have an orange cat (80% of which are male). His came to me as a stray with horrible ear mites to a point he had dug at his ears so much they were just a bloody mess (literally).

His name is Jones, named after the orange cat in the movie "Alien". (Only the cat and the female heroine Ripley survive, and my Jones certainly is a survivor!)


Hi! Your cats are simply beautiful, their company must be precious despite the expenses. Thanks for posting this type of puzzles - I can't as I have no pets. Have a good day, Patsy!


4 pound bag not 5 (~‿~)


Not sure I understood the relation between finances and food / litter, but I do know that we were wasting food having to throw away the end of a bag, now since it is two eating, the entire bag is consumed. Though we are talking just 5 pounds bags.
As for vets go... I normally trust them as much as I trust doctors...
If I had known better, I would have never put Andrew on insulin, I would have put him on high protein and hope for happier years, he probably have lasted longer. No steroids either. I would not have gone for teeth cleanings either.
Fortunately my present vets are not specialized on cats but are very conservative on treatments, not expensive nor aggressive.


What a lovely picture, thank you for sharing.

I always had two cats till a third one moved in more than 20 years ago. I'll find an excuse to share that story someday. I usually got a 2nd cat soon after one died (or disappeared--another story) and only one remained. And only females for many years till Ebony.

When Ebony was left alone, we decided to go with "the twins" and you probably know the rest of the story.

Our main issue with having four is financial. Food and litter for four are expensive. And except for a couple of emergencies (another story!) no vet visits, no dental care (which worries me), no immunizations, no insurance. When my partner retires soon, it will be harder even to cover emergencies. Otherwise, it's great having this quartet of cats.

I wrote a reply to @northcousin, but I don't see it, so will write another.

Both are male. Papaya, closer to the camera, is bigger and even wider than Mango. My partner often refers to him as "the big one."


Very handsome guys! I also always wanted a ginger cat. Next life. You are brave having four!


Is the taller one male? They are such beautiful cats.


Precious furry friends!

A very "touching" photo!

@SPuzzle20, yes, we have 4 cats: Mango, Papaya, Ebony, & Ginger. You may also come across puzzles of a few of our former cats, and a couple of friends' cats.

I never wished for orange cats, but we fell in love with these when we went to see Ebony in the foster home. We adopted Ebony as a companion to our lonely senior cat whose elderly companions had died. When that senior cat died and Ebony was lonely, we went back to the foster home for Mango and Papaya (with different names then) to be Ebony's companions because we knew they got along. But they ignored Ebony and spent all their time with each other. So we got Ginger to stir things up.


Hey Patsy, hi Mango and Papaya! Meow, meow!! Awesome photo and puzzle, thank you for sharing it and have a great Sunday.

Cute pic!


Hello Patsy, wonderful cats. Thanks for sharing.
Hope you are well.
Greets Eva


I love this picture. A classic family portrait.


Hi Patsy, I have always wanted an orange cat. Like Morris the cat. Do you own 4 cats?

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