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George Washington's teeth, Smithsonian

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  1. Brie16480:42
  2. Dclo0:43
  3. pnkpnk0:54
  4. cobra0:56
  5. lelabugosi0:57
  6. bdhabet10:59
  7. wshealy1:02
  8. virgo62lady1:12
  9. syfmp1:12
  10. Sparky2b21:13


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You too. I appreciate you looking around. Keep smiling TR. Dave


I look forward to it. Have a good evening.


TR,I did not know that. Yet another pic from the bro in law. They do restoration/preservation work and have done some work in the Smithsonian. Here a few years ago they had worked on Lincolns hearse or inaugural carriage? One of the two. Shortly I am going to put up a pic of a project they have worked on lately. Its not a humor but is kinda interesting. Thanks TR. Later, Dclo


I read that he got his teeth from slaves, years ago when I worked at the NYPL. I just had to add my two cents because this subject came up about a month ago, between myself a cashier and a friend.


Thank you DC - I'll have a look to see if I have anything 'unusual' :o)


Glad you liked it Brie, thank you. Like I told someone the other eve "I like cats, trains, landscapes & front door pics as much as the next guy but lets put something else on here sometimes if we could". Take care Brie, Dclo


I read somewhere - a long time ago - that they were made of wood and that they had a spring at the joints and that it was so strong he couldn't close his mouth properly! Great puzzle - thank you!

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