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  1. like921150:27
  2. KAK120:37
  3. josien0:40
  4. electricmonk0:48
  5. chickiemama0:49
  6. caroshop0:53
  7. hadzi0:54
  8. Grandma_W0:56
  9. melime0:57
  10. shootin0:59


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Hello there dearest Ardy, I think she's got some Siamese in her but maybe also some Himalayan too! I think she's awfully cute too, I just love how furry she is! By the way, I LOVE your avatar pic, very beautiful, is she/he your's? How long was your friend using the CPAP before he/she got used to it? I'm so not looking forward to wearing it, it looks awfully uncomfortable! Instead of using drugs for the pain my Dr. has asked if I'd be interested in doing yoga or something like that to help get my mind off of the daily pain. I might just try it and see if it works for me, and if it doesn't we're going to try another pill that's like Lyrica, because obviously the Lyrica is not working for me at all. Pain pills would be an absolute last resort for me! But I'd still rather not put those in my system if I can help it. I'm so glad that our renovations are almost complete too! :D YEAH!!! It's taking so much longer than we thought it would. Plus my hubby is a bit of a procrastinator, he always puts things off til the last second. LOL Well, time to put some puzzles together, take care my good friend! Big hugs & kisses!


Monica, she doesn't look real!!! Himalayan? It's so furry to be Siamese. But oh, so cute. Thanks.
Don't know how I missed this yesterday. I thought I checked. I usually do every day. I saw you had commented on Ank's puzzle so came on over. Read your response. Glad your reports were negative. I have a friend who uses the CPAP. You may not find it that uncomfortable after you get used to it. I too believe that our bodies are temples. I'm not sure we are defiling them by using medicine properly that helps give a better quality of life. I also know that the body takes longer to heal when it also has to deal with severe pain at the same time. But each one must make her own decision on what you put into your body. You are in my prayers daily, my dear. Glad your renovations are almost completed. Glad you can solve a few puzzles again.


Sweetpants1994- Hi there, I too loved the way she's sitting like a baby! Thanks so much for dropping by to leave a comment! :-)))))

Bentleyd- Hey Denise, she does kind of look like a toy doesn't she, she's so perfect, and sitting so very pretty! Thanks again for dropping by to see me and leaving a comment my friend! Big hugs! xxx

Chickiemama- Hi there Sandy, yes I've been away dealing with some illnesses, but I'm back to putting puzzles together again! I really missed everyone here on jigidi!!! Thanks so much for your concern, it means the world to me my friend! Big hugs! xxx


Aw, so cute! Good morning Monica! So good to see you back and making puzzles again. Missed you and hope you are feeling grand!


Looks like a toy Monica:-))
So cute the way he is sitting:-))HUGS


well ; aren't you just so beautiful, i love the way you are sitting just like a baby,

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