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In one of the Disco moves Pettson lost one boot and now he is loosing his balance and not good for an old man who can’t swim…Findus is reacting to what he is seeing…and what now…..
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OH NO!!!!!!! You should be more careful Pettson. Poor Findus is watching from dry land and there is nothing he can do to help. Thank you Eva for this episode. Hugs my friend.


I hope the kale is not deep! Poor Findus doesn't know what to do! Old Pettson is not going to like getting all wet. Thanks for another fun puzzle thanks Eva, hugs my friend. ♥♥


Oh no off he goes Splash! Hope it’s not too deep

He can't swim??! What was he thinking --fooling around on the dock like that! Poor Findus will have to think fast to save Pettson.

What now ??? I can not believe what Pettson was doing ! Disco moves ... such an old man who was doing the rigth things befor ! Has somebody gave him drugs ? Eva , I have only questions ! Most : can Findus help ?

Whoa! Hope Pettson is close enough to the side so he can make it out!

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