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Hey Ann! L.O.L. WOW! Ha, ha, ha, ha! My goodness, oh sweety I was just messing with you! You are so funny Ann, I can't stop laughing, I'm still holding on to my belly with one hand and trying really hard to type with the other! Oh my gosh my ribs are hurting so bad! ............................................... O.k. that was me taking a deep breath and wiping away the tears of laughter off of my face! Hee, hee! OOPS! There was still one tiny little laugh left in me! Now, where was I, oh ya now I remember, remind me NEVER, EVER to make YOU mad! L.O.L. Anyways, Rust-O-Leum huh? I never thought of that, actually that's a wonderful idea as I would want this wheel barrow to last at least a good couple of years! And Marine Deck as a clear varnish, that's really clever of you Ann, so that's pretty tough varnish then, and it won't harm the plants ? Thanks friend, I'll have to check into those two items before I get started on my big project! The more I think about it the more excited I get! Ooooooooh! Rainbow colors, that sounds grand! Yes, definitely rainbow colors, maybe I'll make the wheel red, the handles yellow and the barrow itself bright blue! Yes! That's what I'm going to do! When I'm done, I'll make sure to take pics of it and post them on jigidi for you and everyone else of course, to see! "YEAH!" Talk to ya later friend... lots of Hugs!


Hey, you! Who said I didn't like this idea?? YOU said that; I didn't. I was just mulling over ideas. Didn't I say, "I think I might----"? Did that read like "I don't like it"? If so I'm sure sorry. That was not my intention---not what I meant. My comments were just building on the idea you presented, modified to the way I might do it---to MY tastes. So just hush up with this "sorry you didn't like this." stuff, ya hear?
Now, at the risk of doing any more harm :-) ---- if you get a metal one you could paint it with Rust-O-Leum then after 2 or 3 days drying put a coat or two of clear varnish (Marine Deck?) on it. You could paint it brown, black, or any color--or colors-- you want, even a rainbow! Go for it, Girl! Build your garden.....................


Hello Ann, I've decided that I'm going to do this in my gardens so I will probably end up buying two wheel barrows and use one of them as the planter and still have the other one for all other purposes! That way it wouldn't matter about the dirt being in it all the time! And if after a long while, the dirt does corrode or do anything else to the wheel barrow, well then I'd go out and buy another one and do it all over again! Actually, I'm absolutely jumping up and down with excitement to get out there and start on this project! I'm wondering if there's a way to protect the wheel barrow though, so that it doesn't rust or corrode in any way! I'll have to check into that first! I'm so sorry that you didn't like this idea, as I was thinking while posting it, " Wow, I can't wait for Ann to see this, I just know she's gonna love it!" I guess I was wrong! :((( I do have some other garden ideas that I'm going to post today, sure hope you like them!... Hugs


What a riot of color! Just gorgeous. I think I might just keep all the plants in pots, though---just use LOTS of 'em. That way you can change them around if they get scraggly without disturbing the others too much. Plus, if you get bored with some of them you can just replace them with something else. Not leaving all that dirt in your barrow also might make it last longer. Just a thought................


I'll go look at it right now! Have a wonderful, restful Sunday!


Hi, Monica. Our animals stay in our hearts for ever.
I posted a picture of Louna 3 days ago. Good Sunday.


Janazlouky- Jana, I am so very confused right now as to what your comment means! You mistook my username? Can you please explain? Yes, I am sort of new to jigidi as I've only been a member since Nov. 10th of 2012 not quite 4 months! It's funny though, it feels like I've been around jigidi for nearly a year at least because of all the people I've met from around the world on jigidi and of all that I have learned from everyone too! L.O.L. When you said I was new I had to check my calendar against the date of when I first joined jigidi and was so surprised to find that it had only been 4 months ago that I joined! I am glad that you like this idea though, and hope to hear from you again! I have bookmarked many of your puzzles and will get to them every chance I can! Have a very nice day/evening!

Talia2- Hi there Talia, please won't you call me by my given name Monica, as I feel more comfortable conversing back and forth with people that way! I am truly sorry to hear about your loss, he was a beautiful dog to be sure! I miss my dog Babe too, we had her for many years and she was the best dog ever! She died about 12 years ago and I still miss and think about her all the time! Not as much or as often, but the pain is still there after all of these years! Do you have a pic of your Louna, as I would very much love to see it?


mhughes, he was my dog. I unfortunately lost him in June 2012. I miss him allways very much. He was a great dog. Now we have Louna. She is also an Eurasier. Louna is fast 7 months old.


Sorry Monica, I mistook username, It's very nice idea, you're new, I do not know, thank you very much :-)))) Jana


Uh oh, looks like you were way ahead of the game! I totally missed this puzzle of yours, it's quite beautiful by the way! I'll have to be careful not to repeat any of the ones you've already posted! I went through all of your posts in the last few weeks and noticed that there are some there that I just uploaded into my computer so I'll have to try and remember to not use those and to delete them! Thanks so much Laura jane!


Laura jane, my puzzle for 14 days :-)))))


Adrianna- Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it!

Janazlouky- You are quite welcome Jana, thanks for commenting!

Denise- Thanks, so happy you liked this wheelbarow pic, does this mean your going to start your own wheelbarow project? If so, would love to see pics of it when it is completed! : -D

Talia2- If you do make one for your garden will you post pics of it for us? I think we'd all love to see your wheelbarow project when it is done! Thanks so much for stopping by, and by the way, I love your avatar is that your beautiful dog? :)))


What a beautiful flower composition. I wish the same for my garden. Thanks for posting.


I must have missed this one Monica. It is stunningly beautiful and what a marvellous idea.
Thank you so mucH:-)


Thank you very much Monica for this beauty :-))))))))


I love this one so beautifful.


MissSadie- I do too it really makes your gardens look unique! Thanks!

Pinknblack- I've decided to do the same in my gardens, maybe in the front yard where everyone can see and enjoy it! I'll bet yours is just as spectacular, your just being modest! You'll have to post a pic of yours so we can all see it too!

Gnt1041- Oky doky gnt, have a good rest and we'll all see you when you get back! Try not to be too long as all of us jigidi peeps will miss you terribly!

Amakrokis2- I think so too, can't wait to get started on one for my gardens! Thanks!

PLG1958- You are quite welcome Patti, thanks so much!

Lyndee- I totally agree with you Lyndee, thanks and please won't you call me by my given name, Monica, I do like that much better than mhughes!

Rob- It looks fairly simple Rob, just dump a bunch of soil into the wheelbarrow and stick some flowers and plants in it! This weekend Gary and I are going to check out some flea markets and see if we can snag an old wheelbarrow for our gardens, I can hardly wait! If we can't find one, well then we'll just buy a cheap one somewhere!


AH! I just wish I had the patience to do this!! It's beautiful Monica - thanks.


Don't get much beautiful than this mhughes. Thanks


Beautiful, Monica! Thank you!


Wonderful idea for a display. Beautiful.


Sorry but I must leave my puter for a while and relax some....take care all my friends


I have an old wheelbarrow that was my grandfather's I fill with flowers like this. It makes a nice display. However, mine has never been as spectacular as the one above. it is glorious. Thanks.


Absolutely gorgeous!! Love things like this in the garden. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks again gnt, it's one of my favorite garden designs! Have a GREAT day my friend!


Fantastic this wheelbarrow flower pot.................great job monica

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