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For all you Warner Bros. fans.....
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  1. racoonstar1:22
  2. Dclo1:30
  3. Barb123451:35
  4. louieblouie1:46
  5. advia1:49
  6. puitepe1:51
  7. lynette11:55
  8. Mbuchner1:56
  9. lbtsnjb2:01
  10. r1lee2week2:02


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Very funny.


Yes, cat AND dogs are in great danger where there are coyotes. Our neighbor has a small dog with a doggie door so he can go in and out any time day or night. I keep telling them that if their dog can get can the coyote!!!!


Coyotes are a mortal danger to cats left outdoors in neighborhoods where coyotes live.


Thanks for your comments szsand, Sifakos from Athens_Greece.


This is great. We need these signs in our neck of the 'woods'. We have both coyotes AND roadrunners! LOL dj


hihi, the signs are a great idea:::they are not coming into our cities...we built our cities on their territory

Why this advertisement?