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Cat shaming series

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TY :)

Funny. Loved all your puzzles.------------Molly

Thank you, CATLOVER. I'm sure that makes Jasper happy. :)

I love you Jasper!


LOVE the story, Heidi!!! My Tigger, my avatar dog, had 2 goals in life. One was to kill a bowling ball. The other was to be a Mom. He adored all baby critters!

Great story, Heidi. TY.

What a funny story Heidi...ending not what I expected...Sherry :)))


Years ago we were invited to the home of some of my husband's business acquaintances for dinner. I asked if I could bring one of my collies and they said yes. They gave us a tour of their home, the highlight of which was a room devoted to raising guinea pigs in large cages. My dog Aggie's eyes bugged out. I knew she wouldn't harm them, but I should have known that look. We then went into the dining room to eat and Aggie lay at my feet under the table. Towards the end of the meal we heard a loud crash from the guinea pig room. I glanced under the table and saw that Aggie was gone. We all ran to the source of the noise, stopped, and started laughing. Aggie had removed the top to a large guinea pig cage, climbed in, laid down and was pushing her belly towards the guinea pigs! She thought they were orphan puppies and was trying to nurse them!!! The pigs weren't cooperating, tho'.

Thanks, Val, cappy and Apiary. :)


Kind of looks like a tutered male to me.

very cute picture.


YO great picture thank you☺



Ah, poor kitty!

That makes it easier for the pigs, Fredde. :)


We've piggie sat several such critters through the years, and our cats have been scared of them.


Stay in the green hut, it;s safer there, Pig!

The guinea pig definitely needs to be in his cage and the cat needs supervision. :)

Really have to keep an eye on Jasper, hmm? ... I think one of them needs to be in a cage all the time... Jasper's not acclimating well... Sherry


Jasper needs a cage of his own. Poor guinea pig.

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