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Remember this rhyme?

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This is soooooooo cute. Thanks for a little humor and good advice, Jillian.


Val a gorgeous day up here today, went for a walk and then took a leaf out of your book and did some dead heading. Yes looks like a few days of rain now. Hugs to you


Clever puzzle Jill brought back lovely memories of giggling babies. I seem to be getting behind with Jigidi puzzles too much gardening to do, guess I will catch up on rainy days. Hugs


Dave Thanks for pointing that out. Creates a dilemma for me cos I don’t know what the sixth little piggie did! @warbler


PLG1958 glad you liked it


Wonderful! great memories...DID you notice that number 6 on the Leaderboard users name is piggie? ☺☺


LOL! Good one!


Nev we all do love to make the little ones giggle, so I think you are right. Cheers


Wpnschick sure is, thanks for visit.


Jill, one of the most popular children's rhymes ever. And probably will remain so, because all of us still use it with our younger ones. ♥♥♥


Good idea!


SPaceDinVADerOne excellent idea!


Jpowell264 Great idea, but please take care up that ladder!

Janet the small toe is the little piggy that went wee wee wee all the way home :-) My wish for you too my friend


I got roast beef first :o)


I always though it was the smallest toe, but no worries. Stay safe my friend. Hugs. ♥

I’m doing it too by being up a ladder painting the entire exterior of my house.


Camper03 yep us too, no option here.
Owl2 that really is being thankful for the little things.
Smcgillis none for me either, but at least I didn’t go wee wee all the way home lol.
TrudyTai it sure helps Trudy!
Cyndi I still entertain the little grandkids with it :-)
Iamast yes who would have thought :-)
Thank you each one for your comments. Stay safe.

Ahh, the smart one.


I sure do remember it.


And thank heavens for Jigidi to keep my sanity!

Lol. Didn't get any roast beef either ;)


Thank heaven I have one. :)


That's exactly what we are doing!