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The artwork in Today's Daily Jigsaw Puzzle is titled "Shadows" (1887), and the artist is Charles Courtney Curran ♥

Charles Courtney Curran (1861-1942) was an American painter known for his luminous and serene depictions of women in idyllic settings.

Born in Hartford, Kentucky, he studied at the Cincinnati Academy of Design and the National Academy of Design in New York. Curran's work often featured young women engaged in leisurely outdoor activities, highlighting his skill in capturing light and atmosphere. He was associated with the Cragsmoor art colony in New York, where he created many of his celebrated works. Curran's paintings are characterized by their bright palette and delicate brushwork, embodying the aesthetic of American Impressionism.

You can find more information on Charles Courtney Currans here ♥
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Beautiful, thank you!!


I am soon 70. I have only seen an old washer with rollers once. It was My Aunts house, it sat on Her front porch. I was a young teen. MY Aunt and Her family lived in PA, country people. She would not allow Me to help with the washer, just watch Her. Then I helped Her to hang up clothes on the line. My Mom had an electric washer and dryer in CA.


Hi @virginia1954! I love this, too! Thanks for tagging me! 🤗


A great puzzle. I am doing it 45 pieces. Thanks, Virginia @MNBrown, @beyondwords , @MydogXena


Nice Photo 😊


Many thanks Jigidi for a very lovely puzzle.

Did-Doo with bevpuzzier8. You know, their good memories. The worst one is when My mother got her hair caught in the ringer and i had to crawl up on woodentable and stop wringer. she never grew long hair again.
Great puzzle, I still hang my clothes on the clothes line and air blankets on line too.


I remember these days of yore. Maytag washer with rollers. Yes, just dated myself.
Thank you for the memory. 5-23-24

Lovely picture, thank you.


Delightful puzzle to start my day!
Thank you😊🧩

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