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A Bee!

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The Ruby M. Mize Azalea Garden in Nacogdoches, Texas must be paradise for a bee.
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Thank you for your friendly welcome, @dalelawler ! I had this foto in mind several times today ehen I was hiking in the woods and saw several blossoms with 'guest'! I took a few shots - maybe one or two will turn out worthy of becoming puzzles here.


Thank you, and welcome to jigidi.


Great shot! That bee seems to have visited many blossoms already since it carries a little 'backpack' of pollen :)! Well, who wouldn't - with such beautiful flowers?! ;-) Thanks for sharing!


Another beautiful one !! Many thanks for sharing dalelawler. I love azaleas as much as bees do. Greetings ,


The mission is for the U.S. military -- now called Cadence International. 40 years ago when I first met them in Athens, Greece, the mission was called Overseas Christian Servicemen's Centers. I lived with them for almost a year, and stayed close friends with them until they passed away a few years ago.


We just go there for a visit dale, most of our time are spent in the Philippines...which mission is it?


Thanks for your kind comments, luni and didi. My first impression from older puzzles was that you lived in Germany. But your latest puzzles indicate the Philippines. I had some dear missionary friends who spent many happy years there.


Azaleas are pretty and could be a favorite of the bees. Thanks dale, lunie and didi.

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