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  1. evorkosigan35:26
  2. Lunalove2435:46
  3. aleodmac37:56
  5. Tinergetic48:48
  6. Pet6550:59
  7. bneves51:28
  8. uhura10056:32
  9. sad72756:59
  10. HelenaCan1:01:44


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Hi! Jlou: I´m glad you`re back and hope things remain quiet and you stay. Mine is also a large coubtry and I live in a part were is cold and snow in winter. It has been up to -7 ºC (about 22 degrees Farenhait) though it has not snow yet. What you told about your granddaughter reminded me about what my mother did when I was a child. She baked chestnuts and gave then to my sisters and me to keep them in our pokets in our way to school, so we can keep our hands warm and also our stomach, and they smelt so good and where so tasty........specially for children. Very nice memories..... hugs, ;o)))

Yes ChicagoLiz: Fortunately they are old fashioned ;o)))


look at all the heavy gold chains around her neck!


Hi! Puzzled, I thought I would leave you a message here rather than
on my puzzle that you recently left a comment on. I too, wish you
a Happy New Year 2015, and hope you are blessed with an abundance
of all good thing. I am here for awhile, things have been quiet as of
January 1, and I am hoping they will stay that way. If not then both
the stalker and I will get kicked off. If she continues, I am not going
to put up with her jealousy, and hatred of me and my avatar jlou's
puzzles. You take care and keep well, hope your weather is warmer
than here in the states. It has been 22 degrees here and was colder
this a.m. I spoke with one of my granddaughters, and she has to
wait for the school bus around 7:30. She said she has no gloves,
we just went shopping last Saturday, and I would have bought her
some. She said she kept her hands warm in the pockets of her big
coat. I feel so sorry for the homeless and those who have to work
out in the cold winter weather. Hugs, jlou

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