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I have spent part of my evening doing several of your apple puzzles, I have enjoyed them all, thanks! :o)


Those look good enough to eat, and that lacework/cutwork is amazing. PS: Rest well, mimi.


Ethan is adorable! I hope everything goes well for your niece, I'll add her to my prayer list! Have fun with the children, you are so right, it will be a busy busy time! Hugs!


That's great! I hear radiation can really make you tired. My niece in PA just finished with her first round of radiation for breast cancer. Now waiting to hear what is next.
I don't think I'll live long enough for great-grandchildren since my oldest grandchild is only 7. That is him in my profile picture, Ethan, a sweet, sweet boy. He just made his First Communion. I sure do love my grandkids! Hope you are having a good weekend. We attended the burial today of our dearest neighbor, Bob, who passed away in NC in October. Tomorrow is a family cookout/engagement party. Busy week coming out since my daughter and soninlaw are going to MD for a wedding and we'll be watching the three kids for 4 days. I need to rest up. Bless you Mimi


Only 4 more radiation treatments to go! I'm fine really, just tired! I'm so glad your eye is improving, eye problems are really scary I think! The little cutie on my lap is Reagan, my 8 month old great granddaughter. They were in town on a brief visit. It was so good to see them. Hugs


Gayle, I was trying to explain to my 7 year old grandson the other day about starch. I will never forget that smell of a hot iron on a Niagra starched item.
Mimi, I am doing well. How are you? My eye is improving, not quite there yet but I'm hopeful. One clot left to clear up. Are you feeling better from your treatment. That is a cutie you have on your lap!


Hi Donna, I love this picture, apples and batternburg (Sp?) lace. Simple but lovely! How are you, we haven't chatted lately.


Nice picture. I remember linens similar to this with just that amount of starch--enough to hold a crease in the edges. :-)


Picture perfect. :^))) Thanks

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