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The Mount Washington Observatory captured a rare image of a KH cloud at 7 a.m. Feb. 24, 2020. (Mount Washington Observatory)

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Pretty unanimous.. lemon meringue....


I guess that makes it unanimous; bring on the pie!!!


I think I would prefer the pie too - even if this cloud is veeery special.....:-)))))))


From a rare and unique cloud formation to lemon meringue pie......only on jigidi!!~


How could it all be gone??

It was such a big pie !


What? It's all gone? Ohhhhh


Somebody (and friends, probably) ate the lemon meringue pie before I could get a piece. But I have that taste on my tongue tonight -- imaginary, but better than nothing. :-)


You're welcome, Bill.
Returner, were you able to get some lemon meringue pie? I could use a piece of it, myself!


I've seen lots of photos of Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds but never a single wave like this. That's cool! Thanks, Plum.




Now *I* am craving Lemon Meringue Pie!


I've never seen a cloud wave back at me; it must be a great experience!
Larry, please don't let the information get out that this might be an alien spaceship!!! There could be consequences!
Will you share it with me, JM_Cookie?


That is so cool! And about that lemon meringue pie . . . .


Funny . . . now I am craving Lemon Meringue Pie . . . LOL


Very surreal! Maybe it's an alien spaceship in disguise?! ;-) Thanks for that link Returner - some good info there! Thanks for the fun puzzle, Plum.


"Scientists at the New Hampshire-based observatory posted the tweet early Monday and said that the KH wave cloud "waved back" at them around 7 a.m." -- Accuweather

Thanks, Plum.