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Senior resetting password.. so me

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No, where technology is concerned, there is no logic to all these pwd scenarios & often those responding to calls have the most impatient & begrudging attitudes.


LOL! How painfully true. A tale from the geek/user interface. (still chuckling)


It does cause you to scratch your head at that kind of logic!


While we are on PWs...true story... you can't make something like this up. This was a couple months ago.

I changed my PW on my MS account. Why? Because I couldn't remember the PW. Clicked 'forgot password?' link; answered security questions; got in; changed PW.

So far, so good.

Then I got a message on the change PW page.

Message said that to protect my account the new PW would go into effect in 30 days. Not sure how delaying my new PW for 30 days is better security...but, whatever.

Then I kept getting a pop message (nearly every day) which said in essence...

There's a problem with your MS account. You probably changed your PW. Your new PW will be effective 30 days from the date you changed it. Meanwhile you can still log in with your old PW...

Which I can't remember; which is why I changed my PW!! Again, I question the validity of better security to keep my old PW active for 30 days after I changed it.

Well, 30 days passed. I got a message that said my new PW was now in effect. I was able to get into my account with the new password which I wrote down on the previously mentioned document; the PW protected one that...well, you know.


I have a card with Canadian Tire and its point system. Of course, they both use different 'allowable special characters'!


LMAO ... so true!! Windows prompts can be annoying as hell instead of just laying at all out from the beginning ... IN CLEAR LANGUAGE!! Lol

Soo funny and so true

That's so funny, but true.


Oh, my - I can't quit laughing! it is like someone was standing behind me and repeating all the words- I did not know other people got so frustrated,too. misery loves company!!


Wise Woman, that we should all have relatives in that position.


That is 1 reason I only use Apple products (of course having a son who works 4 the company helps, LoL :) The only windows I have are in my house & of course they do @ times get stuck, butt they @ least don't need any passwords, just cusswords :]




Loving, I have been down this road. And no surprise, it is a Dead_End999


Soooo Funny!


Oops, what I meant to say below was that this DOES NOT only happen to seniors...
(Must have been a senior moment, ha)


Oh, my word, this is FUNNY!!! And oh so true!!! Will share with some friends....

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HILARIOUS! AND I've got to say that this only happen to seniors...


ohhh yeesss.. user friendly..not.. thanks tori for big laff.. sent it around... tom


@tori1947 I just took a quick look and find I have solved many of your postings and got a laugh out of them. Thanks for sharing the humor.

Oh how one can relate! Between the puzzle and the priceless comments, we were rolling on the floor with laughter!! Thanks for perking up the morning.

I laughed loud!!

Robert, that is just too funny and yet so true...thanks for this, really made me laugh!


Yep...don't need hackers...we'll bring down the IT world because we can't come up with enough passwords AND remember them. I have a document with all my passwords on it. But I can't remember the password for it.

Been there, done that, called the company and told them off, then realized that I wasn't speaking to a real live human, of course, so slammed the phone down and broke the phone, making it necessary for me to drive in town to buy a new one since I had already destroyed the computer by throwing my shoe into the screen!!! :-)

been there done that called the computer everything under the sun

What a hoot! Thanks for making me laugh.

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