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If You Can Afford It

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I am not a holiday person, but 2020 has been a haymaker for so many people. So I just thought I would give a shoutout to everyone that is alone, lonely, in between the two. If you are already happy I hope you remain that way. If you are struggling for happy may we all get there.
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I'm sorry bjm. I know that must be hard, and you're right, its not the same. I do hope that whenever this "ends", people don't forget about all the folks that were alone and lonely before the health crisis.


The hardest part is not being able to hug my loved ones. I stay in touch via phone and computer but it's not the same. I look forward to the day I can hug them and spend time with them.


@RaynaGrace, Thank you. I do all I can to remain okay, it's all I can do. I hope your holiday went as planned.

@Lynetteoz, Yes it has been. But a stray cat I know has gotten a new home, so I am very happy about that. One of my neighbors threw this kitten in the trash. Long story short she was messed up for a while, and someone stepped up to take her in.

@hellenic, You're welcome:-))


Thanks Rosie it certainly has been a challenging year for all of us. Hope all is well with you. This spot looks lovely and relaxing :-)

Thank you. That is beautiful


Same to you, Rosie. I hope you stay safe while still trying to live well...Rayna

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