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Greeting the Day

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Title thanks to HandyAnna :-)
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Maddie, I really love this! I have had it bookmarked for a while. I have been busy coming home from vacation and then watching hours and hours of the Olympics! Because of you and Wim and Marion I pay more attention than usual to the Netherlands athletes! The same is true for athletes from other countries of my Jigidi friends. Hope you are enjoying the games. Dotty


Thanks Jason, I'm glad you liked it :-))


Lovely :-)

Thank you, Maddie.


Jerri, how very sweet of you to get up so early in the morning in order to be able to tell the blind lady what the sunrise was like.. I don't think many people would do that. And then describing it... I would find that very difficult. Yes, like you said, layers of different colors, I guess..
Thank you for saying that I captured it in my painting :-)) I don't draw much anymore, but I was happy with this one. Thank you for all the nice things you always say to me.
Take good care, Jerri xx

Oh Maddie: How do you discribe a sunrise? How do you discribe something that happens every day and yet is one of a kind. Today's sunrise is gone as the sun it up higher now, and tomorrows sunrise will be brand new. I used to work, many years ago for a blind lady. When I came to work each morning she would always ask me the same question..."tell me, what was the sunrise like this morning..?" (that is when it wasn't raining) I got to the point that i was up at 4 a.m. so I could see the sun come up so that I could discribe it to Lily. Believe me it is harder than it sounds. You have captured it in your painting. It is layers of colors. Sometimes yellows and sometimes blue and pinks. At any rate, thanks for slowing me down a bit and reminding me to take time to enjoying my morning cup of coffee and a beatiful sunrise.
Blessings to you,


Thanks!! :-)))


Use it if you like it...and liking your work is easy!


Yes, "Greeting the Day" sounds perfect! Can I use it?
And thanks for liking my work! :-)))


How about "Greeting the Day"? btw, visited your page and just love your vibrant work!

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