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You are a real smart, I love you. Sorry the COPD is worse, I will keep you in my prayers. xxoo Hope today is a good one for you.


good morning Josie nice to hear from you. I am my usual self, on some tablets now as my COPD is severe. Sorry about the pain and meds it isn't easy having to take stuff. I had a sort of mentholyptus sweet last night then felt peculiar, reminded me that it's all chemicals even kids junk. Anyway must be some kind of pills to make Josie feel like nobody lol!


Hi, I'm Josie LOL. How are you doing dear? I'm fine, trying to get of these damn pain meds again, you know they make me nobody. Love you, and your art work is wonderful as always.


Hi Judy, good to meet you. sorry about your accident it must have been devastating, being as accidents come out of the blue, but you have battles on and found jigidi so now you are safe in its nest. I tried all sorts of pastimes, knitting, sewing, crochet not much good at the last two. I compiled crosswords for fun always wanted to paint but had no imagination so now I have photoshop and i love it


Hi, I'm Judy, was born in the nation's capitol and now live in New Mexico, and it is a part of the US. (That's a joke here.) I am a retired math teacher, was in a bad accident and that ended my career back in '87. I didn't have a creative outlet until I started making greeting cards. Then I found Jigidi and Wow!!! My cards and reading days have been curtailed. I'm also widowed. I would vote on a favorite kaleido, but each time I stare at a different one, it becomes my favorite. Thanks June.

the middle one of the top row is fantastic. Thank you.


Hi Hanne, thanks for joining in and giving us an idea of your life with your dear husband


Hi everyone, I'm Hanne and I'm Danish, born in Odense, lived in Greenland for some years and since 1975 on Bornholm. I'm 70 years old and married to Bent, have retired 8 years ago from my job as a schoolteacher for 40 years and now spend my time travelling in Sweden, walking on Bornholm, writing different things, playing with jigidi and communicating with a lot of nice people: YOU!! Thanks for you friendships and thanks June for these lovely kaleidos. It's a wonderful idea you've got here!!


Hi Mary and we are proud of you, you must have found the right man that's so lucky, course he found the right lady too


Love that sparkly one in top centre. Hi everyone, I'm Mary, born in Shelburne, Nova Scotia but have lived in Truro NS, where I met and married my deceased husband, for 62 years. I am 86 years old & proud of it....hard to get to know me but I love people, music, books, gardening and the one that seems to have taken over my time.....JIGIDI!!!!!!


and her hero dog Bradley. I also have 9 favourites today


There's no choosing for me, too many goreous designs to pick from. I'm Joyce. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts, have always lived just north of it. I lead a quiet life but enjoy the company of friends & fun!!


Hi Robbie good to hear about you. Good that you cater for your family and try to keep them all happy, I expect that compensates for your general naughtiness


Hi Ardy thank you. Nice to hear your biog. I live near Maryport. In my time I have been a shorthand/typist, bus conductress, waitress then my husband and I had an Inn for 15 years


Hi June and jigidi friends, I am Robbie, still a child at 62 and apart from going to boarding school in North Wales and Norfolk have lived all my life in Bermuda. I cook, eat and try to be a general nuisance to everyone. I continue to be very successful with the last item! I make sure that my parents don't starve and my lovely wife Jenny stays happy.
Thanks June, nice to join you ladies and thanks to all of you for the fun entertainment. Another lovely puzzle, top centre for me please.


Hi June. You know I'm Ardy. I was born in Massachusetts but have lived in Maryland for the past 52 years. I'm a few weeks older than you. I am a school librarian and a handbell director - retired but still doing the job as a volunteer.
If I have a favorite today, it's the bottom middle. Thanks June. Enjoy your puzzles a lot.


Hi Barb thank you, nice to know a bit about folk. My late and ex husband was from Doncaster


Hi June, you already know I'm Barb. I was born in Yorkshire but have lived in Canada since I was almost 6 years old so I am definitely Canadian. :-))
Lovely puzzle today.


Hi I'm June I am 76 and live in Cumbria England, just thought I would introduce myself. You can too but you don't have to give your age, a girl must keep some mystery

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