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Robin Rene: Does my Hag's Hair show bad???

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Poor little black lady, all of a sudden she gets this HUGE white whisker!!!
Sweetie it does show but it adds character!
PS: I'll post her pirate's picture later. ☺☺☺
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  1. teegee2:57
  2. thebetterhalf3:04
  3. jbow3:39
  4. Erzulis3:50
  5. babray3:54
  6. Impie4:01
  7. southernjo4:03
  8. dseamon4:20
  9. alcina4:42
  10. jfd3864:48


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Thank you!!! Mom said last night it looked to be getting darker, maybe I'll pose for another picture. Maybe...☺♥☺


Robin Rene, anyone can be just ordinary but a girl with your flair doesn't come along every day, you know. 'Different' is good. ☺♥

Oh I will Ms Tisketsmum! Give Miss Tisket some head bumps for me, please. ♥♥


Gina Marie I agree with Mrs Impie, it shows that you're a very special kitty and you should wear it with pride.

Oh Ms Impie!!! I LIKE that and I'll wear it proudly! Thank you, Sooooo Much, GinaMarie ☺☺♥♥☺☺


I remember that's called a "Happy Whisker", Robin Rene....only special kitties get that when they least expect it! ♥♥

Oh Thank you calluna, I hope so! Ooohhh... cbmuller, I love the idea of distinguished. I've never gone there before, I've been too shy! ☺
Anne, I have no idea, but it was suddenly just there! Funny huh??? Betty


It definitely adds character, Robin Rene.


I wonder at that. Atsutsa has developed a couple white-ish patches of fur in the last year. They are, of course, right in the middle of his black, black, back fur. I wasn't aware that cats turn "grey" too?


I think it's distinguished looking!

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