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  1. redwine73115:21
  2. Loren22918:06
  3. Huggorm19:43
  4. rubyparadise19:56
  5. leahrenpel19:59
  6. stones20:08
  7. JG54620:40
  8. ammita20:41
  9. felicityjigidi21:34
  10. shadowfax22:15


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Hi MomCat, Anne and chilisand. we had a thunderstorm through the night and it is a lot cooler now so I am feeling much better


These are all just gorgeous. Thank you!


Oh June - that lovely delicate edging to the 3D centre is so pretty. Then the intensity of the colours in top left, the beautiful red, purple and top right just for a few. (OK my definition of few is stretching but..........). Thank you this was such a pleasure.
Feeling for you in muggy clime - trade you for the cold, crisp air here LOL.

I never get on your board, but I always love your puzzles. If I only have time to do one, I make sure it's the kind you make like these. Thanks.


thanks Gail, very muggy here today got the fans working


Love them all, June. Thank you for a great puzzle.


thanks selja, Glenys and adict bottom left and top right for me today

Another lot of beautiful designs. Thank you. My favs tonight are centre and top left. love the paterns and the intricacies in the detail


Beautiful designs here tonight - I thought at first glance, how exciting - yellow and purple on a green background - couldn't wait to solve that part of the puzzle. But now complete, my favourite designs turn out to be the centre one, the bottom centre one and the intricacies in the top left one are simply amazing when looked at enlarged! Thanks June. Fantastic.



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