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Rose in red

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  1. Juanca28100:21
  2. Dilubreuer0:25
  3. laurajane0:26
  4. mariolyn0:30
  5. Beekay0:31
  6. glenestele0:32
  7. DrMary0:32
  8. loveydear0:34
  9. wjl10150:34
  10. sobby90:35


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Would love to hear from you this Christmas Amy. It's been way too long since you visited us.


I see you have logged on recently. I hope that means you're feeling better. Hugs and best wishes being sent your way Ami♥


What a wonderful colour.


Thank you Lunie,and Janet.
It's good to see you back bear!
I love the look and smell of these roses Laura.
That's nice to hear and know Mamof9!

My granddaughter loved doing this one


Beautiful in red velvet, Lovey! I answered you back on your other puzzle.


Beautiful, loveydear - good to see you being so creative. I left you another message on an April 10 posting -your old friend, bearlover


SO beautiful thanks Ami. Nothing is as beautiful as a red rose. hugs.


Beautiful in every way! The flower and the shot, both contributed to a remarkable beauty!


This is the prettiest color Ami. Thanks for this lovely rose!


Yes, it's a very deep red els2!


Such a deep, ruby red!

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