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Monstera 2021/05

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My monstera. In background: poinsettias; leaves of clivia & amaryllis at rest (will hopefully bloom later)
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Monstera deliciosa, aka split-leaf philodendron. Two leaves died last week--two that came from the roots at the base. As you can imagine, it's very hard to repot this monster. If I don't repot, I need to leach the soil to get rid of fertilizer salts. I wonder if that's why the two leaves died.

The plant needs its biannual pruning. The cuttings have a better chance of rooting and getting established if I do the job before solstice--don't know why. My potting area is outside on the back deck. This year I need to wait for my partner to stain the deck before I take over the area to repot most of my houseplants (and grow veggies in pots).

In the kitchen window two clivia, an amaryllis, and a poinsettia are in their glory--a month late. See 2016 photo here:

Through the years I've had a lot of plants that are reportedly toxic to cats, but my cats haven't really bothered those, thank goodness!


Beautiful plant. A philodendron? I remember when I got my first housecat, I got rid of all my beautiful houseplants...that was a big mistake.. as I have introduced various plants back into my house... without a problem... However, I will continue to refrain from spider plants...not much of a sacrifice since I really don't care for spider plants anymore, anyway..They some how remind of me of my life with my ex,-husband ... and I really don't like reminders of that. lol


🤣🤣🤣🤣 Patsy, the ideal home for Raven has to have only artificial plants, which she destroys somewhat more slowly than living plants. Right now, Raven is sleeping so peacefully, it's hard to believe all the mischief she gets into - Eva

:-)) You've convinced me that you'd best not have houseplants and Raven both in your home. ~Patsy


Spider plants just have cat toy written all over them! I made a little pot of grass for Raven to chew, but she preferred my geraniums. I had a large African violet which was used as a bed for a little kitten, and the spider plants finally succumbed to being knocked on the floor multiple times. I have a large hanging plant that Raven likes to swing from. My girlfriend suggests changing my cat's name to Ravin'.

Too bad you can no longer have plants. The plants I now have are pretty safe. (Never again spider plants!) Monstera leaves at the bottom have shredded edges, probably thanks to Ginger. She's the only one of our present cats that I've seen play with current plants. Ebony will eat the leaves of hot pepper plants, so I can no longer bring them inside. All used to eat beet microgreens. I might grow some for the cats this year.


Beautiful plants. Since my cat, Raven, considers plants to be playground equipment, my plant-growing days are over.

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