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A morning visit from the Muntjac Deer

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Something raced past the window this morning and on closer inspection found it was a Muntjac deer. Obviously it had been spooked by something and was looking for a way out. It found the
footpath. stile. I occasionally see one but it is often in amongst bushes or brambles for cover, and not often in open ground. You can see it's tiny antlers and protruding teeth, but not the fluffy white hair on the underneath of it's tail.
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  1. carrps6:11
  2. slavka16:18
  3. maxtrouble26:41
  4. canalview8:04
  5. meribel10:10


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Yes carrps, he got through the hole. The farmer was working in a nearby field and this may have caused it to break cover. Must admit they can run very fast when they have to.


I'm assuming he didn't actually use the stile, but just squeaked through the hole?

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