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Amberley Dolly


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Hi ruby4, that sounds like quite a caique you have there. He needs to have a picture on Jigidi.
THe dog in my picture is no longer with us. She died at 14 years old. She was a Saluki mix, not too heavy at 80 lbs, but very tall and fast. The Vizsla, Tavi, is only 50 lbs and Henry is about 90. Vizslas are all one color, from nose to nails, a coppery russet that eventually turns all white with age. They are a special breed and are "velcro"dogs as companions and also pointer/retrievers. We are, indeed, automobile enthusiasts. Some of my cars are on Jigidi but I haven't time right now to find them. More later...


Will have a look soon. I started to go through your puzzles and only got to page 17 because I was so enthralled with each page! I can see you are a petrol head too! And a bird and parrot lover!! We have a parrot, a caique, called Casper Parrot. He's gorgeous ... we love him. He is fairly small and green, black, peach, white and yellow, with blue under his wings. I will try to put a picture if him on Jigidi for you. Is that your Vizsla with you on your picture?? Speak soon. xx


I don't know how you will find them easily but I have pictures of the Vizsla on my pages 89, 93, 95 and one between 89 and 93 that I forgot to write down. Henry, the mix, hasn't made it on to Jigidi yet.


Thank you for your kind comments Mischa. My dogs are Blue and Ruby. Storm is Ruby's Mum and we look after her when her owners are away and see her regularly. Do you have pictures of your dogs on Jigidi? Speak soon. x


And I forgot to mention the two beautiful dogs, Storm and ? I have two also, a Vizsla and a Vizsla/retriever mix. Definitely into dogs...


Hi ruby4, I came, I looked and I am impressed. Thanks for inviting me.


You are welcome to visit us any time and have a ride in my lovely classic car. xx


Looks good Sandie. Have to get a ride in that one. ♥ Haze


Absolutely. She is extremely fast for an old girl!!!


Dear ruby xxx i love it!! Please can i come for a drive xxxx lol and hugs


This is my gorgeous 1973 Triumph Dolomite Sprint outside an old garage displayed at Amberley Museum, West Sussex.