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Stone Curlew family...

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Why are you reporting this puzzle? Pottsville NSW.
This family of Stone Curlews was foraging in the mulch until I approached - and then they all froze! One behind the bush, one lying down behind the chick and the chick under the bush!

They make the most obnoxious noise at night - like a baby screeching very loudly - or even sometimes like someone getting murdered! Not that I've ever heard that:))))


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Thanks Allie:)))


Lovely photos Robyn! thanks - I think they are brilliant! xx


Thanks smllpkg and Pat:))

LOL! I had a chortle when I read 'screaming woman bird Chrissie:)))))) That is sooo apt:)))))I also like the way they bend their knees:)) They're pretty tame up our way - maybe it's the hot weather that slows them down!! Thanks :))))

Well Hello Dave:)))) Nice to see you:))))))) Thanks for your nice comment:)))


Very very cool!!


You did well to get photographs of them at all, Rob for they have excellent camouflage. I've only ever known these as thick-knees so I'm pleased to learn they known as curlews. They have a nickname too - the screaming woman bird! When I've seen them walking around at the wildlife park they have always reminded me of the white long legged machines in the first Star Wars film the way they bend their legs and high step around :-)


Wonderful collage ...


Nice collage. I love the little chick!


I never realised that there were 4 types - so thanks for that titbit! I find them fascinating to watch - they have very stare-y eyes!! Thanks Janet:))))


Stunning photos, Rob. Well done and how amazing to see them. I have never seen them but when we first moved here they used to call on the airport. It was more mournful than blood-curdling, I remember. They may be a different type too, as there's four types in Australia. Julian said that we heard them in Townsville too.
Thanks and hugs my friend ♥


Thanks Shirley - this was the 1st time I'd seen a family of them - I've seen groups before up in Townsville on Magnetic Island - and also in the Whitsunday Islands - so this was a real thrill:))) Thanks :)))

My pleasure Barb - thanks :))))

Thanks Patti:)))


Great shots Robyn! Thanks!


Thank you for the collage Rob, it is great :)


LOL!! Thanks Sally:))) I really like the top photo too - I was originally only going to post it on its own - but decided to show the whole family!!! Thanks :)))

My pleasure Nev - they sure make a distinctive noise - one that you don't forget in a hurry:))) Thanks :))))


They are very shy birds, and you are right about their noise, quite scary, I think you did a good job of photographing them Rob, Thank you.


Rob, I've heard of this type of bird, but this is the first time I think I've ever seen a picture of one. Thank you. ♥♥♥


Thanks, Rob.... I'm so glad you've never heard a murder.... Very shy birds here.... The top pic is wonderful.... 。◕‿◕。❤。◕‿◕。