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Flat Weave 101 - For Mumbo

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108 pieces
267 solves
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  1. jigia8:06
  2. jlovermyer8:28
  3. troutmma8:33
  4. pianocatsandtea9:10
  5. Myriley10:38
  6. kara110:47
  7. Malika11:12
  8. mm6011:28
  9. elemmo111111:38
  10. foxymoron11:39


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Oh good! So we'll have more! :-)
Something to look forward to in this Covid world.
Have a great day Chrissie!


You're a sweetheart, Judy - thank you! It's not too hard to make. The hardest part was drawing the weave template (which is saved for future weaves!) and after that choosing the theme or colours seems easy. I'd say it was easier to make than solve ♥☺


Whoo Hoo! What a fun puzzle. Was it hard to make?
I loved it, thanks Chrissie!


You did a grand job of working that out! Thanks, Joey ☺


Ok, so finally figured spots sideways and what do you do, lol, thanks Foxy


Ah, does me good to hear a wowza ☺
Thanks, Deb - you're a little legend!


You are entirely welcome, Puggy - and thank you too!


Thanks heaps, dudi!
Not to worry - the fun is more important ☺


Dearest Jill, your comment warms my heart, thank you!
Your brain must have been moving like an F5 jet engine ☺


Wowsa that was fabulous Chrissie!!! Thanks Deb

Thank you!

My time was terrible,but the puzzle is adorable, thank you!


Best puzzle challenge ever! I loved it, dear one. It had my brain thinking color, design, and imagery ....all at the same time. That’s not to mention how the gray matter had to continually think horizontal, vertical, horizontal, etc! This was a great one. Thanks, Chrissie!


G'day Shirley, so the plan worked... designed for brain workout it was ☺
Thanks, mate ♥ ♥


Hi Chrissie, quite a workout for my old brain, but I enjoyed every second of my 15:32 solve time. Thanks so much. :):)


Here you go, Terry. Hope you will enjoy it ☺

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