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Caleidoscopo Fiberdabbler Sampler 13 by Lucy Nieto on Flickr

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  1. ladyblue14:22
  2. karenbyassee16:47
  3. gag2617:07
  4. javasage18:27
  5. RandomWorship19:46
  6. norbal20:39
  7. anther20:41
  8. Gailarino21:24
  9. monicaarmintrout21:24
  10. xphile22:19


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@brightspark Yes, purple and blue are my favorite colors so this really caught my eye when I saw it. :)


wow this is exquisite - i love the colour combinations and patterns ♥♥♥ ♥


I'm happy to hear that Donna. That's good news. And I bookmarked another one of yours which I hope to solve today or in the next few days. I just ran out of steam last night (my time). Thanks again. (❛ᴗ❛)


Hmm, odd. Seems I didn't save this puzzle when I created it, but it still got out there and got solved? Oh well. :)

You're welcome Kristen. And yes, things have gotten better. I'm gainfully employed now and I am as recovered as I'm ever going to get from the accident. I still have residual issues in my neck and lower back areas, but hey - I'm mobile and pretty much fully functional. I call that a win. :)


Oooh. That was somewhat more challenging than I thought it would be! But I'm a stubborn thing - and refused to give up. LOL Thanks Donna! (❛ᴗ❛)

And, after reading the comments, I hope that life is better for you now. (❛ᴗ❛)


Truly beautiful. It reminds me of a needlework quilt.


Well, the talent all belongs with Lucy Nieto. She has some fabulous photos on Flickr. But thank you.

wow, we feel for you. The Lord bless you. You did a fabulous job with this, one of the best I'v e seen, ever. Surely someone can appreciate that talent.


Purples and blues - my favorite colors! :)

Sue, I've been living up to my name. :) I've been down in the dumps for quite a while now. I haven't been able to find steady work for a couple of years and in July I was in a car accident I'm still recovering from. So, I haven't felt very sociable. Sorry! I say nothing rather than wail and moan. :)


Gorgeous colours thanks. The blocks look like very fine handiwork don't they.


Beautiful. Thank you.


Goodness, Ladyblue, haven't heard from you in absolute ages. Sue1 from the forum.

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