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36 pieces
35 solves
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  1. caanan1:24
  2. iwalkden19631:26
  3. Tonandbo1:44
  4. AAJ1:49
  5. heuckeroth25052:14
  6. madpol2:26
  7. degorecki2:43
  8. sybillk2:51
  9. Karen523:07
  10. 6toedcats3:30


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Oh Magda, you have such a busy life ! But I'm very happy that you got to see your children and (some of the) grandchildren ! I bet they make you very proud :-))) I understand that you are very tired though.. But you know, you're a tough cookie, so just REST enough, and you will feel good again (I hope, that is..) Take care ! (was glad to hear from you)


thank you Maddie.
yes I am alright. Was away for the wedding of my granddaughter. 10 days of festivities. And afterwards trips with my son and daughters who had come fro Switzerland and Canada. My Swiss grandsons first tmie in Pakistan. They are still here for a few more days. Lots of fun but a bit too much at my age. Am very tired but happy


Beautiful and fun, Magda ! Love it, thanks!
Are you doing okay? ♥

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