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Yule Greetings

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Hello twistinNturnin & thank you.


@dhi, I am happy to meet a soul sister ☺☺ It's great to keep the mind busy so you don't have tunnel vision. It also gives an excuse for me being so disjointed. It's neat to be in the Hive. I haven't been in long, but it's been fun. Great people. Read your bio just funnnnyy our finnngers must haveeeeeee come from the sammme batch. ☺☺ Hugs


I just read your bio and chuckled because I keep my email, weather, radio, jigidi and other sites open at the same time too.
London, ON, Canada






Thank you for your much appreciated greetings and comments.
Glad I did a small one especially over the holidays as there are so many puzzles and easier to do and save. Large ones are get bookmarked with hopes of getting back to them.
I take way too long to get mine posted as I search and search to find just what I want. lol....maybe I should start on next years. Be well my friends as I enjoy having you around.♥♥ dee


Merry Christmas to all.


A beautiful yule log. Thank you so much for your vintage cards in the smaller formats - people post some lovely vintage ones but unfortunately they are all too big for me to do, so it's wonderful when I come across one like this! Merry Christmas!


Hi Dee, in many countries of Italy it is customary to burn in the fireplace the most beautiful pieceof wood they call: the log. Serene holidays to you too.❣️ ✿ ✿ ❀❀


What a delightful, fun puzzle - and I really loved the message at the end, thank you my lovely friend XOXO



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