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Wet Paint

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  1. monza0065:18
  2. mags1795:27
  3. newportbeach886:13
  4. krkarnes6:23
  5. Jandy6:30
  6. Dobrich6:38
  7. skpy6:56
  8. JYKelly6:56
  9. lynnesusan7:04
  10. cal1127:05


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Pat, I found the original image and now you'll see why I had to do what I did (and not post the original)-


Magda, yes, I washed my hands.....finally. I've said this time and time again- some people love to go fast (I used to be one of those people), and others like to take their time and savor the puzzle solving process. There is no right way and wrong way to enjoy solving. Whatever you, or anyone else enjoys most is the "right" way to solve. :-)


My time is usually about double of the top spot, if I am quick that is! But I take so long, because I like to enjoy. (Is that a good enough excuse?) Thank you Wendy. I hope your hands are clean now, otherwise you will spoil the next set ppof planters.


Pat, that's the way I have to look at it too. At least you got to solve this one and you're still on the leader board. :-)

Mandy, those little 'details' were all different colors before...but somehow it looked just awful in the test run, so I had to color everything as blocks (as it appears now).
And yes, I had to toss in one mismatched pair of hands. :-)


I think you've started a secret kindergarten Wendy - only one of them has got mix and match hands!!! LOL - such a fun puzzle and I love the little details on the squares too!!


Sorry... But at least I got to see/solve this version! :-)))


Sigh. Never mind, I can't find it. :-(


Pat, hold on. I have to show you what I had originally made. It just looks plain awful after Jigidi's compression got done with it so I had to change it. I eventually got it to what it is here now.
I'll be back with a link to what I originally made.
And I'll bet the JYKelly knew what she/he was doing when choosing that name. ;-)


This is a fabulous design, Wendy, and the hand prints were inspired--or an accident, as you say, in which case there were serendipitous! I guess you'll have to hang a "wet paint" sign on your computer next time.... :-D
(I couldn't help giggling over the name currently in first, JYKelly--in Bugosiland, it would be KYJelly.......)!


Of course these were my hand prints, Edie. I was dabbling in the paint, trying to figure out what colors to use, and....well....I forgot to wash my hands.


Are those your little hand prints Wendy? This was really fun and the fact that you didn't duplicate any of the colours and gave us the hand prints helped a lot with solving. Thank, great fun.


Oh, Willy, one of these fine days you'll be on the leader board. I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway. :-)


Great fun puzzle Wendy, 12:52 x big fun,
Willy. :-)

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