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nine patch and diamonds

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Neat! Thank you for sharing.


Thanks, @britestarnight. Congratulations on getting on the leaderboard. I was very quickly bumped off my own puzzle design. LOL.

Thanks, @margSky glad you had fun solving. I have fun designing puzzles so it is good to know that others are enjoying them.


Hi Sandy ... glad you found me. Yes, I was intrigued by your 'name'. I should be called 3 days for one! It takes me that long to solve a puzzle it seems. Cecilia

Hi Scrapper, It does mean that I do 3 JIGIDI puzzles a day. Never less...sometimes more. Thanks for your interest in how "3aday" came about. Keep your unique puzzles coming and I'll find you!!! Sandy

good fun thanks

Interesting, fun puzzle. Thank you. Loved the designs and colors.


@3aday Thank you, Sandy. Does that mean you do 3 a day puzzles? Glad you found this one.


@lilliwebs I love that you had fun thinking of those Christmas candies 🍬and redoing the bathroom.🧻🚿 I don't think I have ever had those square hard candies you talk about. I have the bad habit of sucking on hard candy for just a few minutes and then crunching down on it. Good thing I have always had strong teeth😁


those tiny squares are a traditional 9-patch and really easy. There is a handy trick to make them go easier.
You could also make the squares 4" and have a 12" block to work with. LOL

Loved doing this one. All of the diagonals made it very interesting. Very creative. Thanks for it. Sandy


Well. I don't know if they still make them, but around the holiday season, they used to come out with little square hard candies that I adored !! So here I am tasting candy while fantasizing over how I would redo the bathroom if I could...
Well, thanks for this most unusual puzzle 😄 !! 🚻 Lilli 🍬

That is beautiful!! If the tiny squares weren't there, I would love to make a quilt like it!! But I HATE tiny squares!!!

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