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Cabin ~ Switzerland

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  1. mvt2:39
  2. senrabyar3:10
  3. Docram883:29
  4. Bradenton553:31
  5. Kate1093:41
  6. limpduck3:44
  7. ff163:46
  8. JillianB3:47
  9. suzy3:51
  10. kindtn4:11


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A good ol' winter photo to cheer people up.....not.
Thanks for your comments, NOLA_Chick, Shirl, Jeri, Mrgoodboy☺

Thank you for the beautiful puzzle.


And people in Canberra complain about our winters! I don’t think we really know what “cold” is, unless of course we live up on the Snowy Mountains! ☃️


jeribar8, 101 is terrible. What is your humidity?


We had triple digits here in Vegas today. 101F


So very pretty to look at but I also agree with you, Robbos and Jill, it looks very cold, and how lucky we are down under.


Ahhh, that snow looks so refreshing right now... as we bake down here in New Orleans! It's not even summer yet and we are in the 90s with 60% humidity.


Agree with you, cheers, Jill☺


Bob it reminds us how lucky we are with our winters eh


Have noticed the fire is not going as there is no smoke coming out the chimney.
OR is there gas heating.
Either way it looks cold on the inside from my end.
Thanks for your comment, Jill☺


Looks incredibly beautiful but also incredibly cold 🥶 Thanks Bob

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