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David Burliuk - Looking Out to Sea

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Brother of Vladimir and Nikolai Burlyukov. Born in 1882, Semirotovshchina farm, Lebedinsky district, Kharkov province. The creative expansion of Russian futurists, which reached its peak at the beginning of the 20th century.
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  1. Pappadok210:20
  2. Carlotta2U16:59
  3. RegalRay18:05
  4. Jabber18:26
  5. mmattera18:27
  6. kippy1320:39
  7. Sheron21:21
  8. mamagin21:53
  9. Mollymylove623:31
  10. nadloucha23:54


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@SARAHARDWICK - Sometimes I forget to put in the @ or sometimes the name is too close to the object we send along with or message: flower heart or whatever, so make sure there is a little space one bar will do, then put on the emoji.
How are you, Sara? I feel as though I have been off of here for a long time but I came on to put on puzzles and had to reduce the amount of space on the computer. It was taking me something like 7 minutes to get the picture on, size, and everything, so now I have only saved what I really need and plan to delete those unnecessary ones. Did a good job of cleaning out the recycle bin one time.
Glad you enjoyed this one. Took me long too 50 mins. Have a pleasant rest and will be on tomorrow, God be willing. Sweet dreams my friend 🌹🌞🌈


Don't know why your name isn't coming up highlighted, Haze , I will try again !


Absolutely gorgeous ! I just drank in the colours and went for it ! Thank you so much my dear friend 🌺🏡🌹@Haze1952


I agree. Took me a long to get through it. Haven't posted for today as yet. Hopefully soon.😍


Beautiful painting! Difficult puzzle! Thank you Haze. xoxo

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