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Josey whales

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This is my boy Josey Whales who dies Nov 2011. Miss him greatly. To honor him I'll share his picture with you and hopefully you'll enjoy seeing him. THX
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  1. littlepopper2:59
  2. gemstone3:41
  3. hadzi3:49
  4. pauleysteph3:54
  5. Osmanka3:56
  6. gonzobob3:56
  7. peggylou4:17
  8. hoosie4:31
  9. adupais4:44
  10. LSonesie4:54


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Thank you everyone! It means a lot! Her was a great boy; protected our farm and family. Hugs to all who have been in my shoes (and I am sure there are a lot).


What a beautiful face. Sorry for your loss. My last dog was 16, and my dog now is 9. Years
go flying by, but the memories can't be replaced. Remember all the good times.
He looked like he was very special.


You have greatly honored us by sharing Josey Whales's photo on Jigidi. He's gorgeous and I'm sorry for the pain of your loss.


What a beautiful boy...and I understand how you miss him...we lost our little one in May 2011. Blessings on you both.


I, too, understand the heartbreak of losing a dog. Josey Whales was a real beauty! Thanks for sharing him with us, LSonesie!


Totally agree. Thank you for the kind words!

He sure was a handsome dog!! Sorry for your loss. Having lost our Duke, I understand that they touch our lives and we will always have happy memories of their playful ways.

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