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Baron D'Longley's Castle (Ex. Large)

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Original Image ©2019 Kyrin
Opening setting of "Rosferado: Wizard Extraordinaire", wherein the main character, miss-firing magical-nut Rosferado, lives - he's the one hard at work up in the top tower trying to make a Phoenix!

This puzzle can be searched under BaronDLongleysCastle

Available sizes: 12, 63, 130, 221 & 300

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  1. wayne22235:38
  2. Toku_Floyd49:28
  3. Woofers56:43
  4. narina131:01:39
  5. SCazee1:28:35


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There is, huh? Maureen loved that, because kids and YA love seeing so many things to look at (and big kids too, in my opinion; I'm one too lol)
The man in the Red Cloak is a guard (actual model advertising medieval knight clothes)
Probs a good thing you couldn't see the maiden - she might've got a fright seeing this over-sized man's face peering in at her lol
That creeping green stuff is what completed the scene - the 'icing on the cake' so to speak; special thanks to your lil' part there ;)
I'd love to be rescued mate! #That's me in the corner; that's me in the spot-light...# loosing my mind hah hah
...'cept all those gargoyles would probably come to attack you - we wouldn't want them thinking you're a dastardly evil villain or anything now, right? ;-)


There is a lot going on around the outside of the castle, who is the chap in the red cloak?

I could not see the maiden in the tower, without appearing to be a 'peeping-tom' using a large magnifying glass!

Nice image, even with that green creeping stuff, around the outside.

Good one Kyrin, thank you for sharing.
If you need rescuing from the tower, just say the word.

Have a good and successful New Year.


As requested @Toku_Floyd and do enjoy at your leisure :-D


Awesome! Thanks :-D
It's really good to get a gauge on things XO


Yes, I would say that this captures the opening scene well.


Hah hah hah so glad you like it Sarah; those are gargoyles by the way ;-)

Yep Laurel, you an' me both; I got hundreds of puzzles on the waiting list!
I wonder though... as you've probs read this story by now, does this pic here capture that opening scene?
(just trying to see things from the perspective of the reader, not the writer or artist, thanks XO)


Oh how I enjoyed working this puzzle, I long to go inside but so many Orks right now. Maybe someday soon, hmmm! Thank you so much Kyrin.


Bookmarked. Will get there eventually. :)


Welcome to our castle ghost tour my friends...
@Fruttel1 @janclaire57 @LaurelRJones @Lipizzan @sbwilner @SCazee @TIME4ME

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