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Red Hat Lady

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Colour Pen Drawing


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l want a comedy/tragedy set of masks- Nothing fancy but with some character in the expression- More on the comedic side, less on the tragic-
Again, if you have the time and inclination.
l would be ever so grateful- Thanks for replying, Patty.
Your Jigidi name is intriguing- Is there a story behind it?


myself1935 what kind of avatar do you want



Dear Patty,

l would like to ask you a BIG FAVOR if l may?
l do not like my avatar- l know what l want- It's a simple drawing-pen or pencil will suffice- but l cannot do it. I wonder whether you might be willing to draw it for me for free???

If yes, let me know-
If no, l understand completely- no harm, no foul.

Thank you for you for reading this, Patty....Jean


l lost my pink cloud.
Could you send it to me again? Thanks-...Jean


Yes- do. And post it as a puzzle.
Actually that qualifies you to join the Red Hat ladies who lunch.


I do have a red hat with a purple feather. I will have to take a pic of me wearing it


It's a national org. They get together for lunch monthly? and raise money for a good cause. l would have joined but one must wear a red hat and l look ridiculous in hats so l passed.


We have a group of Red Hat Ladies in our area. They always look like they have such great fun together. dj


Thank you again- she was irresistible-


I am glad you enjoyed the puzzle everyone


She sure has Kim. Thanks for sharing Jean :)

Love her! She's got style and sass!


She is just lovely, Patty- l am sharing her with some friends. l hope you don't mind'

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