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Browser Asked to Leave His Home.

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Library Cat is Being Taken Away from the Place He Calls Home After 6 Years. It all happened after a city employee complained to the city council that they weren't allowed to bring their puppy to work, but also pointed out the fact that Browser was allowed to stay at the library. But he has a job..he catches the rodents.

Despite "an outpouring of support for the cat", the White Settlement City Council voted to evict the cat.
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Thanks gilfor for signing the petition. I hope this small deed will do some good. I am following Browser's story and waiting to see what will happen a the meeting in July.

I have signed the petition. A cat is a lot easier to look after at work than a puppy. If they take Browser away, the rodents will be back. I would think the patrons would miss the cat too.

Let's all get behind this wonderful cat who is performing a service here. I stand by my statement of earlier, the person who complained is childish, selfish and jealous. As I said before "Grow Up, for heavens sake!!!!!"


Browser is now making national news! He's all over Facebook and EVERYONE is for him,;not one comment against him living in the library. Even out of the country to places such as Australia. are's just childish/selfish.....adults that have never grown up. I agree (Geopuzzles) the council member should read "Dewey", a wonderful book!

P.S. Whoever the employee who complained because they couldn't bring their puppy to work, is childish and selfish and I hope sees this message. Grow up for heaven's sake!!!!

Isn't this just a sample of idiocy? This also happened in a small town near where I live and even though that cat also served a purpose it did not matter. He had to be taken out of the library, fortunately one of the workers gave him a home. To me it is a sample of stupidity and selfishness on one person's part.

Browser belongs in the library- good for the children!! Maybe you should have the council members read the book Dewey!!!!

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