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Home sown Petunia

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We discovered this variety in the hanging pot on the pergola this morning. In another hanging pot sit two flowers in a similar colour combination, but with a different pattern.
Photos were taken and postings will follow soon!☺
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  1. puzlvr2:50
  2. Impie2:52
  3. babray3:01
  4. canoekaw3:12
  5. buttyqueen3:31
  6. Pekaji3:41
  7. cdw893:41
  9. Atsutsa4:06
  10. cappy4:33


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LOL our weather often changes its' mind....we have a saying "there's nothing more changeable than the weather"

Atsutsa's grey and cloudy here - an unusual time for us. We may (or may not) get flooded out today, later...maybe....our weather is yet to be determined. LOL.


LOL Anne.....It's the longest day today but it's already 8:30PM overhere, so the earworm won't last too long now! :-))


LOL. @Impie, while I wasn't specifically thinking that way (way too early in the AM for thinking here), I can see the connection. I think I was in 9th grade when the "Itsy, bitsy, yellow polka dots" came into popularity.


Thank you, lurdo. We knew they were mixed colour seeds, but that they individually would get different patterns, is a lovely surprise! ♥

Thank you, cappy, it's my pleasure to share with you!☺

LOL Anne....thanks for the earworm....♫itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini!♫

Congratulations, Marilyn, I often don't make the board on my own puzzles! :-))
Sowing and growing is fun, but Liertje says that he doubts he'll try these growing Petunia was so much work! ☺☺
But in the end they are certainly not disappointing!


Made the board on this one but missed on the other. Growing pretty flowers from seed is quite the feat and they are so pretty.


Ah now there's an interesting purple polka dot petunia! Lovely

Very lovely color, Thank you for sharing.

A great combination, it´s a great gift of Mother Nature,

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