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The hungry hordes....

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Lorikeets by the dozen!!! I was about 2.5 metres away from them - sitting on the lawn.
Taken in the back garden 2 days ago.

They almost need webbed feet - we've had 75mm - 3inches - of rain in the last 24 hours - and more is on the way!!!

Brisbane, Australia.
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  2. chob0:11
  3. Ribs0:11
  4. mariolyn0:12
  5. snooker0:12
  6. jntleman0:13
  7. RandiS10:13
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  9. morris1860:14
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Thanks Gracie:)))

LOL!! They really make a loud noise Mogens - but just while they are feeding, thank goodness!! They take about 1 hour to demolish the lot:)))) Thanks :))))


I love your colorful visitors Rob!


Thanks Jana - I'd LOVE to have you here to see them too:)))) Thanks :))))


Wonderful visitors. I wish I could sit with you on the bench ☻ Thanks a lot Rob, hugs


Wow! So many! Do they really come by group rob? Would love to be visited by them too! Lol!


:))) Thanks Morris!

Thanks Marry - I just visited your puzzle - sorry I missed it earlier. The Currumbin Bird Sanctuary has been modernised and almost doubled in size since you visited. It now has lots of animals and parklands to roam around in. I haven't been for years but our son visited recently and told us all about it.


Currumbin Bird Sanctuary is where I saw (and fed) the first ones I ever saw, Rob :-)))
It's also the place where my profile picture was taken ☺




Thanks Jacki - they're as noisy as they are colourful when they're feeding too:)))


but they are so pretty. we have loads of wonderful birds around here, but nothing this colorful. thanks for feeding and sharing them.


Thanks Morris - luckily we live in a hilly suburb:)))

Thanks Laura - I can't quite believe it either sometimes:))))

Yep snooker - a few pigeons are always around:))) Thanks :))

Thanks Suzy - we had 262mm - 8 1/2" - of rain all up in 36 hours!!!! Today dawned fine and sunny thank goodness:))))

LOL - no shortage of that in our back yard Marry:)))) Thanks:))

Thanks Cathy - they eat out of dishes held in peoples hands at the Currumbin Bird Sanctuary - which is about an hours drive south of us:))))

Thanks Lyndee - and I envy you your hummers:))))

LOL!! Well-spotted Dave:)) There were 3 Scaly-breasted Lorikeets in the mix:)))) I nearly included a close-up of one in the collage but just went with the 2 photographs!! Thanks:))))


At least one has a green head-I don't remember the name of them. It makes me giddy just seeing this, Robyn!!!


I envy you so much Robyn. They are such pretty birds.


That's amazing!!! Great pictures Rob.
They will be eating from your hand one of these days!!!


Hmmmm, yes, Rob, fill the world with colorful living beauty!


What a riot of color you have, Rob!
Do take care with the rain. Sounds like you've had about enough for a while.

You have a couple birds of a different feather in there. :)


I can't believe how many lories you have, Robyn! Unbelievable!


Keep high and dry, my friend!!


LOL!! It sure is a popular place Lorna:))))
We've now had 120mm - 5" - of rain in the last 8 1/2 hours ( plus 2" last night) - and just emptied the gauge on dusk so it (hopefully!) won't overflow tonight!!! It's a slow moving low pressure system that's parked right over Brisbane:((((( The Bureau says it's supposed to move overnight and be clear tomorrow - so I hope they're right!! I'm just pleased we live in a hilly area!!! Thanks :)))))


Wow, that is an impressive number you have - word has certainly got around amongst them; it doesn't seem too long ago that we were all celebrating even just a few in your garden! Hope the rains stop for you soon and normal weather can resume!


Wow! You sure had a wet April Nev:))) We had 171mm all up - just a splash compared to your total!!!
LOL!! The way it's going we'll need Noah - it's bucketing down still - and the Weather Bureau has been issuing a severe storm warning for the last hour!!! We've been hearing thunder too!! I'm just sooo pleased we live in a hilly area!!!!
The photos got the '3D' effect Nev - just something I haven't tried before:)))) Thanks :))))

LOL!! Thanks Floyd - they provide good entertainment too:))))


WOW!! They have really found their heaven.
Thank you for sharing these beautiful birds.


I not only liked these pictures, Rob, I like how you've framed them too. Very nicely done.
Totalled up our April rains this morning - 395mms. (1582pts.). Just a few odd showers for us today, so have decided to send Noah up your way, so you can get around!! :-)))


LOL!! We may need one by the look of it Barb:)))) It's still bucketing down:)))) Thanks :)))

I sure had a good roll up the other day Janet:))))
Chris just checked the gauge - and we've had 50mm - 2" - since 8AM today!!! So that's 100mm - 4" in 24 hours!! We have only had a bit of wind - but the rain just keeps rolling through in heavy downpours and then eases off for a short while before the next heavy falls!! I've had enough!!! Thanks :))))


WOW! What a crowd. Word has got around Rob! We have only had 40 mls but it's been steady and soaking - SO good for the garden. We do have the wild wind too, and it's very cold.
Fabulous photos thanks and hugs.


Definitely no drought in your you have a boat, Rob? You may need it :)
But the birds are awesome and almost tame....LOL Thank you for the great collage :)


LOL!! It doesn't seem all that long ago Beekay:))) No problems these days:))) Although they won't get fed today - it's bucketing down outside right now:))) Thanks :)))


Wow Rob...I can remember when you were trying to lure a pair to your feeder not all that long ago!

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