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WELCOME to Emma's Tea Room

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  1. Msabeedy0:44
  2. JillianB0:52
  3. Hatiwu0:52
  4. 66pony0:55
  5. sharonboolinoff0:57
  6. JHZ0:57
  7. kaacee0:59
  8. sammiegirl0:59
  9. annebarke1:00
  10. hensall1:01


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Everything is beautiful especially the tablecloths and the teddy. Thanks.


He will gladly share his chair with you, he says that SHARING IS BEAUTIFUL. Thank you, Jillian, for visiting this place.


See you there, kayboblee.


I’ll sit next to teddy ☺️so cute, thanks


It's a date. ;-))


Just let me know when and I'll meet you there. I know they have to open up the boarder first, so we have to wait. Thank you for visiting, kayboblee.


If I am your area, Chelsey, I will be having a spot of Murchies. After all, I order it to be able to drink it here south of the border all the time, so why change a good thing?. Cute puzzle. ;-))


It is good to know where to find this tea room, thank you, silverfox, for your visit.


Please, have a seat, our waitress will be right with you. Enjoy your tea, mother123456.


Nothing better than a good spot of tea! Thank you for posting it. Family back round is from England.

May I please have a cup of Good Earth tea?

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