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Staying home with more Jigidi dots ☺

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  1. Puzzlike50:39
  2. alexmarie3150:57
  3. contrabyte53:40
  4. mkfangel55:39
  5. ninna31755:42
  6. PrairieLily56:31
  7. ThePuzzleMaster57:17
  8. Elisa159:40
  9. grannygg59:59
  10. moosef871:02:02


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Thanks, zdrill. Dots do make for a fun puzzle!

another fun puzzle = thanks


Thanks, mate :-)

You did mention the other day you have been outside a fair bit now Spring has sprunged :-)) I've been doing other bits and bobs too so less puzzle time. means I'm a tad late replying!

We're staying well and safe as houses. Hope likewise for you and Jenny.


Another superb puzzle foxy, thank you! I haven't been around much, just solving large enjoyable puzzles. Stay safe and healthy!

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