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Happy Birthday dear Barb (SunnyBarb25)

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Congratulations on your birthday, Barb, may this special day mark the beginning of a wonderful year for you. This is an occasion to celebrate, and my choice is to do it with a bouquet of beautiful yellow roses. I've also arranged a spectacular Jigidi party for you and your Jigidi friends, many of whom are arriving right now from all over the world. The buffet looks very inviting, and our first-class champagne has been chilled to perfection. It's therefore time to pop a few corks ...
Now that everyone has a glass in their hand, allow me to call the birthday toast: Here's to you, Barb, wishing you good health, happiness and lots of fun, love and laughter throughout the coming year. ♥♥♥
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Thank you, Suzy! It is just like you said it is....LOL


Good to see you Suzy. ♥♥♥


The BIRTHDAY song is a bit late, but well intended! The buffet is delicious, the champagne bubbly and the friends who have gathered to celebrate your day--they are very special people.
Happy Birthday, Barb!


Thank you and hugs right back to you, Ank ☺️


Yes, the party goes on and on, welcome Michelle, Iris, Faye, Voronica, Patti, Rita, Judy, Sharon, Val and Sharon. Barb, it's easy to see that you are loved, so many friends and so many good wishes, your new year just needs to be perfect. Let's hope so. ♥ Hugs ♥♥♥


Chita1023, jals, reed, Val and Sharon, thank you for coming to my birthday party. I'm so happy to see you....☺♥


Wishing you all kinds of happiness on your birthday and all through the rest of the year.


Happy Birthday Barb hope you had a wonderful day filled with love and happiness☺☺

Gorgeous card Ank♥♥♥

Happy Birthday, Barb, and may you have many more happy and healthy years. Cheers from Sandusky, Ohio ;-))


Happy Birthday Barb! Hope you had a wonderful day! ♥


Wishing you a very happy birthday Barb. Enjoy your beautiful yellow roses. From Davenport, Florida, USA.


Thank you for my birthday wishes, Patti. I love hearing them :)


Happy Birthday SunnyBarb!

Thank you Ank!


Oh my, more guests arrived! I'm happy to see you: Eva, brightspark, irisriver, Faye, Voronica. Thank you so much for helping me to celebrate my wonderful day ♥♥♥


Happy Birthday to you Sunny Barb, enjoy every minute of it and the new year to come. Hugs* Voronica~


Happy, Happy Birthday, Barb! And happy, happy year filled with good health, lots of family and friends (really soon, I hope!) and dreams come true! :)))

Lovely roses, Ank...I assume they're from your garden! ;DDD


What a great gathering! Sending a huge birthday smile!☺


Happy Birthday dear Barb - Exquisite card dear Ank ♥


Hi Eva, welcome. ♥♥♥


Happy Birthday ☀️Barb❣️ There are many hours left for you to celebrate being both of us living in Arizona☺️

Another beautiful card Ank..Hugs dear friend❤️❤️


Ha ☺, it's busy here and yes our birthday girl arrived too, yes Barb, yellow roses for you, you told me that they are favourite. ☺ I hope that you are having a great day despite the corona rules, enjoy it. Well, let me welcome your guests, hi Sissel, Bella, Bob, Lorna, Sue, Shirley, Irene, Nev, Linda, Clive, Sandi, Pam, Nancy, Debby, Wanda, Jason, Jackie, Willy, Penny, Linda, Ardy, Pat, Vips, Pat, Naoma and Bobbie. So good that you came with so many. Well, friends, let's go on with the party, it's time to celebrate. ♥☺♥☺♥


Thank you so much, Ank. What a beautiful card with my favorite yellow roses. Thank you for great wishes.
Sissel, Bella, Robbos, Faye, Sue, Shirley, Irene, Nev/Marge/Barry Koala, tekchal, CJ45, Sandi, Pam, smllpkg, hike17, Wanda, Jason, cappy, Willy, PenSet, linda1892, Ardy, Pat, olando, wolflady, Naoma and pasta. What a great crowd to spend some time with....Thank you all ☺♥


Happy Birthday, Barb. :)


Happy Birthday to you. . . Naoma


Happy Birthday Barb, will see you at the party, and toast you. Have a great day and a wonderful year. Lovely card Ank.


Happy Birthday Barb. Greetings from Vips in Denmark


Happy Birthday Barb .. Have a do what you want to do day ... Hugs

Great card Sis


Beautiful card, Ank. Thank you.

♫ Happy birthday, dear Barb. ♫
♫ Happy birthday to you. ♫ And many more ♪
Wishing you a beautiful day, dear friend, with a happy and healthy year to follow. Love and Hugs ♥


Happy birthday, Barb, and my best wishes for the year ahead.
I'm delighted to join in Ank's birthday toast to you: Cheers!
From Berlin, Germany


Happy Birthday, Barb!


Barb, it is your birthday...Congratulations and have a great day.
Very nice card Ank.

Happy Birthday, Barb. Hope your day is a very good one with family and friends. Enjoy it too the fullest, and may you have many more, Cappy from Long Island, New York


Happy Birthday, Barb :-)

I wish you good health and happiness :-)

Best regards,


Happy Birthday, Barb! Wishing you many more happy and healthy years. Wanda

Beautiful posting, Ank. Wanda


A trio of birthdays to celebrate this morning! Wishing you a sonderful day, Barb, and many happy returns in the coming year. ♥


Many happy wishes are being sent your way today. Happy Birthday to you!


Wishing you a Most Happy Birthday, Barb!! ☀️♥︎☺︎♥︎☀️


Have a wonderful birthday, Barb. I enjoy your beautiful puzzles each day and thank you very much for creating them. Gorgeous card, Ank, and a great party!


Have a great Birthday Barb and enjoy each hour.
Lovely card Ank.


Happy Birthday, Barb. May your special day bring you all good things. Lovely selection of cards this day! You outdone yourselfT


Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Barb, and a super year ahead. Love from Nev/Marge/Barry Koala, Down Under. ♥♥♥

That's a beautiful card, Ank. ♥♥♥


Happy Birthday Barb, I hope you have a wonderful day filled with family fun, love and laughter.
Lovely card Ank. ♥


Happy Birthday Barb! I raise my glass and join in with Ank's toast, Cheers!


Happy Birthday, Barb. I hope you have a grand day.


Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Barb! Have a great day.


♫*¨*•♪♫•*¨*•♫♪Happy Birthday Dear Barb Happy Birthday To You♪♫•*¨*•♪♫•*¨*♫


Waf waf woof dear aunt Barb, happy birthday and many more happy years to come. Enjoy your special day. Sweet licks ♥♥♥


Happy birthday Barb and may it be a good one :-))))

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