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Warning! Beware....

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Yes, seagulls can be aggressive. My friend and I were dive bombed by one as we were on a picnic. The bird finally gave up and left to harass another day. Thanks for posting this sign. Elinore


I saw something online once about how birds are descended from dinosaurs, and that they REMEMBER, lol. I guess it would depend on the size of the dogs. We do border collies and labs around here, more than enough to scare away the beach dinosaurs.

Yes, Jigsawjanett, thinking about it, you're right, it's the heat I hate more than anything else, and I'm not steady any longer so don't enjoy trying to walk on the sand or in the water...Sherry


Hi Sherry, I love beaches out of season, not so much in the summer. Great to watch when the winds are strong as they were this weekend.


Mudiooch, I think a lot of people take your advice, but I am a bit scared the bigger ones will take the dog as well.


Hi Wendy, and they're BIG!


This is so true. Seagulls will fight you for your food. Been there done that....................Wendy

thanks for the warning, but now that I'm old, I don't like going to the beach, so I only have to worry about city gulls and pigeons, who usually go for the garbage on the ground...Sherry:)))


I watched an irate woman chase a seagull about half a mile down the beach because it had taken off with the family's snack bag. He settled for stealing the chips and left the rest for her to salvage. We usually keep our food on lockdown,but every now and then you get the persistent winged beastie who will not leave your stuff alone. The solution to this is, of course, to bring your dog to the beach with you. ;)

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