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In My Kitchen

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The Treasure Bag: stories and poems selected by Lena Barksdale. Illustrated by Maurice Brevannes, 1947.
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  1. nataliefergz9:02
  2. valde29:17
  3. teaqueen9:23
  4. Walmir9:34
  5. improver109:45
  6. aunttoni10:02
  7. moe5711:08
  8. Drivhus11:18
  9. guest2211:31
  10. Jabber11:39


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You're welcome, Redina! I'm always happy to see you here. xoxo

FryedPuzzler, What a nice comment .. thank you! xoxo JM


Nice puzzle. Thanks. :)


I am mesmerized by this picture... yes... so much of my grandmother's kitchen is here. Love it all. Thank you, hmhoyer57, for allowing many of us to feel that loving warmth again.

You're welcome! :-D

It is definitely a working kitchen! Love the sink! you might have trouble opening the door! Thank you for posting!

👍 Doesn't it sometimes feel like some changes aren't good lol?


I know. But it doesn't come in those great big chunks of yellow soap. I couldn't find a picture of what they used to look like but if you think of a brick of cheese, you kind of get the picture.

Cool! I looked it up and they still make it! :-D


Sunlight soap used to come in a big yellow bar. It was the "Ivory" before ivory. Very gentle. We alll used it to wash our hair. Didn't have "shampoo" back then, at least not in the stores out where we were. It made your hair sooooo soft !! Even after all the other things came out, I still used it and I always bathed my horses with it. Their coats would shine !!

My ex and I lived for some years in his grandmother's old rooming house which had been vacant for years. We fixed it up and painted the kitchen in blue and yellow, like Monet's(the artist) kitchen. It looked just like this one. That sink was great. Love your reference to Sunlight Soap bars; I don't know that brand but it sounds cool loL!


This was my Grandmother's kitchen. The stove with the "lifter" so you could put wood into it and the "scullery" sink. We used to bathe the little ones in that sink!! We washed our hair in that sink with Sunlight soap bars. Memories !!

Totally agree! Thanks, Poppibi!


Two cuties in a kitchen ☺️☺️

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