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It’s not often Luke climbs up high on the towers and I were lucky enough to watch him😺
Where BoBo spends lots of time on the top of the other tower or on the shelf below where he watches the birds 😺
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It is nice to see he took some time to enrich his environment, maybe he will take the tour more often.


Thank u Kossamu


Iris, even fun for me to watch❣️😊❣️


Dobra, yes indeed❣️


Donna, as long as the cats are happy and content makes me smile❣️


What good fun for the cats! grins!☺


The boys have a great background! 😼


Sounds like a very good arrangement! Very inventive!


Janet, I know from way back that cats are climbers and our last four indoor cats got their own climbing equipment because we have too many valuable things on top of our cabinets and pot shelves😺 Thanks Janet and Hugs my friend❣️🐈❣️


Donna, the towers were a great investment when I first adopted these two😺 I don’t and never did like my cats on tables and counters..they needed something they could call theirs❣️I do let them get up on the breakfast bar and they know not to cross over the sinks😺 I groom them there and they used to have breakfast up there❣️ Thanks❣️


Patsy, I’m very happy to show off my babies as I call them😺 Luke is a very sweet boy and a very much cat, though I’ve taught him I’ll never get rough with him and he is so much more gentle..Trust is the main thing❣️Thanks and cuddles to your


Jill, That he has😺 My sweet boy as he is😺 I’ve had cats and been around cats all my life but these two have taught me everything I need to know about cats and I wish I had learned years ago❣️ Hemi is stunned at times when the cats and I have a conversation and the conversation is understood in the cats language as well as in’s really fascinating 😺 Thanks and Hugs❣️🤗❣️


Ardy, Luke is a very curious cat and he has seen me loving BoBo up there😺 and probably wanted the same treatment❣️ Our weather is very pleasant now at about 83F High down in the low 60’s at night..last week it was 88F - 90F and had to turn on the A/C in late afternoon..Thanks Ardy and Hugs dear friend❣️🤗❣️


Hello Luke enjoying being up high! Thanks for sharing Eva. Both or cats are great climbers and we are not surprised to find them right up on top of a cupboard sometimes. Hugs .♥


What a great 'Jungle Gym' for cats!

Fun collage. Glad to see this duo again. I especially like Luke's satisfied face in the bottom right photo.


Luke has reached new heights 😊 Cute photos thanks Eva, hugs


Maybe Luke got curious as to what the attraction was up there. Cute photos, Eva. Thank you. Nice day here sunny and close to 70. Beautiful for November. Hugs dear friend♥♥

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