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Done :-)

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Thanks Koalagirle. I think you somehow love eachothers, but as children - I had the same with one of mine :-)))))


Me and my brothers had knock down drag outs growing up. I'll be honest about it, I have know ideal how we are still alive after some of the things we did to each other!!


:-)))) Lin - that's right

Ohh what a great story Koalagirle - thank you so much for the laugh :-))))

Correct Hanne. I remember :-)))

:-))) Alias



@Koalagirle - thanks for the story, brother and sister fighting when children, it was tough sometimes..... and then we were very good friends untill next time... :-))))))


It was Bekkabee sorry about that.. Growing up one of my brothers was an a-whole and he made me mad one day and then he made a BIG BIG mistake of going to sleep. I found a roll of ducktape and I was going to fix him!! So I sat down and put two pieces together so it made so it made one big piece. I let him get into that really sound sleep and then I to it on his calf muscle and rubbed it really good to make sure that it stuck good. Then I made a load noise to wake him up then I went and ripped it off his leg. And boy oh boy, did he make a noise that has never come from a human before!! Then after he finally caught me I made the noise. But to even this day he still jumps when he hears that noise that ducktape makes when you pull it apart....


Yes, chicken wire and duct tape -- who needs anything else?


Thank you so much Bekka, Mlloyd, Jigsaw, Ianto, Dave, Juba, Hanne, Ellen, Koalagirle, Jackie, PW, Mike and Ms_Maddy for all the laughs :-))))))


@Koalagirle - I sincerely hope that you made a typo in your remark.

One girl made a whole prom dress from duct tape. I always wondered how she got it off. Must have been a sticky wickett to do so...


Good enough for government work.



Duct tape is used for sealing air conditioning duct joints. It needed to be sticky and strong for that job. It has a few other uses as well (depending on imagination and creativity)!

MacGyver always has a roll on him.


Duck tape was invented in WWII to seal ammunition boxes and was named after the cotton duck cloth that it was originally made from.
The name has been genericized to duct tape.


As long as it lasts - but........ :-)))))))))))))))


News's DUCT tape. Ducks don't need tape, PW. :o)


SO SO SO many way's to use duckrape...

Very interesting looking photo.


Duck tape.


Ducks, PW???

You should see the other guy.

Alien Tape?


No ducks were harmed in the repair of this telephone or electric pole.


In some places, that might get you a promotion!


Good work 👍


Me neither Kay, but dutch tape fix everything :-))))


But not creating a lot of confidence with your fix, buddy. Wouldn't want to walk or drive by that "fix". ;-))

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