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Lunch - Butter, Brie and Prosciutto on a Baguette

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Posted on Reddit by Zman11588, who received an oblique nudge-wink from in the Comments section:

"The ham and cheese sandwich of the guy she tells you not to worry about. For real though, I would murder that thing in no time."


"That hollow style baguette we call an Italian baguette in Ireland. Tasty 👍 "

"The roof of my mouth is crying already."

"That bread has more holes than bread. Better on sourdough."

"Whenever I find myself in the South of France this is the first sammich I make. Sourdough baguette, French salted butter, fresh Brie and ham. 10/10."

[Mischka here - Ooh, I am so jealous of that languid "Whenever I find myself in the South of France..." Well, enjoy yourself, hon. *Me, Myself and I* get to dine at the Compound!]

* * * *


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My kind of lunch!


Well, whenever I find myself in the South of Laughlin this is the sammich I would make. *LOL* dj


looks like a nice little snack.

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