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  2. rg72913:30
  3. opallia14:05
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Meteor Rideau 500, I had one of these cars I think it was a 65.


It does say Meteor in the Grill, but I still think the car is a Monarch.


Sometimes it is pretty hard to understand just what is going on up there in Canada.
The Ford dealers sold Ford Monarch's that looked like Mercurys, that were more expensive,, and the Mercury dealers sold Mercury Meteor's that looked like Fords, that were cheaper.
Now this looks like the Mercury model sold by Ford,,, so it should be a Monarch??
If it says Meteor in the grill then??? It is questionable as to what it is in any case.
Confusion and misunderstanding is the hardest to get to the bottom of. I guess it could be anything that they wanted to sell that day??? ha ha.
If you look it up the picture of a '65 Meteor Rideau 500 will show you a stacked headlight Ford similar picture.... The fact that the word Mercury was thrown in there was just the dealer system that they were sold under. in Canada.
In America this would be a Mercury. In Canada these models were sold by Ford dealer systems... associates... or whatever you call them. ha ha... just try to figure it out.... I think they just don't expect you to figure it out... I was just saying.... whatever.

Says Meteor in the grille Pat.


I thought that was a 1965 Mercury Monarch from Canada. ?
I am sure that it is.
The Meteor Rideau 500 had stacked head lights.

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