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Coin de Canape by Francoise Amadieu

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Francoise Amadieu has dedicated much of her work to "reading and art." This is a great example.
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  1. uu1236:13
  2. Cthill6:37
  3. PalomaV6:38
  4. Ktownkid7:04
  5. geeltje7:12
  6. Bill_I_Am7:14
  7. Kasperas7:27
  8. ederks7:56
  9. sjfg7:57
  10. littlebird8:00


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Great Puzzle.......and fun Annie!

First of all, Jane, I have made it a practice never to become involved in minor tempests in tea pots on Jiggidy. In fact when I detect them brewing, I do not go back to that person's puzzles. Stephan has worked very hard to create what I assume, is suppose to be fun and relaxing for all of us. Those that are compelled to make disparaging comments or try to prove their superior knowledge by telling someone they are wrong and offering up a Wikipedia link. (Wikipedia can, and is, incorrect many, many times.) Bib has done none of these things in response to my posts. Can you claim the same, Jane? I would ask you, in all kindness, to take your negativity away from this public forum, and leave those of us who could care less to enjoy our puzzle time without it.


Don't go accusing jigidi members of being me, and vice versa. Makes you
look rather off center bordering on senile. Get a life, stop being a jerk.


Get a life you are such a hateful nosy bitch, and you are way off in leftfield!

Ah yes, the errant keyboard. Relatives, no doubt, to my errant mouse (the pointer just disappears whenever it feels -- who knows what), and the keyboard who eats more batteries than our cat could dream of consuming in dry food. I, too, have come across a few mentioned below and others. But for the most part I find puzzlers to be like you, Bib, kind and supportive. I've even made friends with someone who just happens to live in the norther part of our state. We plan to meet soon.


Hello, anno~ford, (x) my key has not worked in ages, so please excuse the fact,
now the word after please, has a red line under it, so the computer has
gotten smart enough to identify some ordinary words, with this (x) letter.
I paid quite a bit for an ergonomic keyboard, so have to make do if I want
to use this particular keyboard. We all have our crosses to bear. :0) don't we?

There are a number of bitchy witches on jigidi, Hall_Monitor and SueMarie are
two of them. Matter of fact they have recently left messages on two of my
jigsaws, so janedoe, if you are reading this, you have companions on jigidi,
I copied her two comments, in case you haven't seen them before she
deleted them. Have a good evening anno, I am going to go out and mow
the front yard. Bib

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